Woman Overboard – not to be mistaken for the 1987 big screen comedy starring another real-life couple (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) about a rich woman who falls overboard and loses her memory. We know who shot Emily Thorne on her wedding day, but does she?

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Revenge Season 3 Recap – Episode 11 “Homecoming”

“Grayson family crisis at sea”
These were the words screaming out on television as news broke that socialite Emily Thorne fell overboard during her honeymoon cruise with the Graysons. Every attendee is questioned by the police and just as Team Emily had planned, Victoria becomes the prime suspect, what with her lack of alibi as she was not with the rest of the family when Emily disappeared and her well-publicized feuds with her new daughter-in-law. You have to wonder at the effectiveness of the Hamptons police when interviewees are allowed to get away with alibis like “she was with me and that should be good enough for you” in defense of Lydia by Conrad.

Garter belt beacon
It has been a while since we have had anything as awesome as the Shamu-cam…then we got the garter-belt emergency beacon. Emily was never going to be lost at sea for long after getting shot. After all, that was part of her grand escape plan hatched out with Nolan and Aiden. Clinging desperately to the buoy, Emily tries to pull up the emergency case Aiden had left for her there, but with her massive loss of blood from the two bullet wounds, she somehow ends up on the back of a fishing boat helmed by a sleeping skipper.

All hail the new Queen of the Hamptons…?
Where was Lydia while Emily was getting shot? Conrad lies to the police to protect her even though she wasn’t with the rest of the family in the main cabin at the time. That is true love, as much as Conrad Grayson is capable of such a thing. Lydia is convinced Victoria’s fate is sealed and has plans to redecorate Grayson Manor once Victoria is in an orange jumpsuit. And so, we had to say goodbye to Victoria’s throne – her signature French chair from which she rules the Hamptons is now gone. But will Lydia finally get her happy ending?

Coming up with Plan B
Emily actually getting shot was not something the team had contemplated but, faced with a life-or-death situation, Aiden had no choice but to make sure Emily got to a hospital instead of running away with her as they had originally planned. Worse still, what they thought was her pretending to have amnesia turns out to be real when Aiden realizes she has no recognition of him when he tried to move her out of the hospital. Nolan suggests a visit from Jack may help bring Emily out of her trauma by sending her back to her “happy place” but Jack is reluctant, believing that seeing him may further traumatize her after their farewell encounter before the wedding.

Margaux is close…but misses the mark
When Margaux shows Jack the extra wedding cruise photos she had kept from the police in the hope of finding evidence against Conrad, they noticed there was another person missing from the main cabin with all the other guests – Lydia. How could they not have noticed that Victoria and Daniel were also absent? Oh, those photos were probably on the memory cards that Margaux DID give to the police as evidence! What? And now she is helping Victoria make Lydia into the prime suspect? When Jack told Margaux just how bad a man Conrad is, at which point did this investigative journalist decide that his wife must be blameless in all his misdeeds? So why is she trusting Victoria by showing her the photos she had only shown Jack? Hmm…and how many more times can Lydia become the scapegoat for the Graysons before she finally realizes she is just not evil enough to take down true evil?

Daniel’s big confession
Daniel confesses to his mother that he was the one who shot Emily after overhearing their conversation in which Victoria reveals Emily’s pregnancy as a fraud. He tells Victoria that he will go to the police and confess to everything “tomorrow”. If he was so determined, what is stopping him from going to the police immediately to confess? At least it gave Victoria time to go to Conrad and divert the guilt away from herself and convince him that there is enough evidence to point the missing smoking gun at Lydia – the one guest who had not been on the manifest for the trip, though nobody has been able to come up with a motive yet as to why she might want Emily dead.

The betrayal
The love affair between Patrick and Nolan was never going to be an easy one. Despite promising each other that they would not let the women in their lives (read: Emily and Victoria) come between them, clearly when it comes to making a choice, both chose their “other” halves. One could argue that Patrick betrayed Nolan first by taking his mother’s side at the hospital, denying Nolan permission to visit Emily. Or you could say Nolan played a large part in pushing Patrick to make that choice by outing their relationship to Victoria at the hospital, effectively forcing his hand. Whoever is more guilty of the two, the end result is the same – Patrick knows some of Nolan’s secrets and he is not above spilling them to Mommy Dearest.

Emily regains her memory – part 1
As Charlotte tries to jog Emily’s memory by showing her photos of her wedding day, Emily remains steadfastly amnesiac, not recognizing anything she saw. Trying to reassure her new sister-in-law, Charlotte (who, even as recently as days before the wedding, was still giving Emily the cold shoulder) tells her that she is the strongest person she knows, which prompts Emily to believe she inherited that fighting spirit from her father – David Clarke – without having a clue the significance of what she has just said. Charlotte, in turn, remains unsuspecting, but intrigued as to how Emily could have come to this conclusion. Thankfully, Jack is there to provide a credible explanation for this confusion.

Aiden’s mystery doctor – is she friend or foe?
There was a time during which Aiden disappeared after the Grayson Global bombing that remained unaccounted for. Suddenly, a mystery doctor appears at Emily’s bedside, tries to inject something into her IV drip. It is unclear whether that mystery syringe was meant to heal or harm Emily – even as it is later revealed that she had, in fact, been the doctor who saved Aiden when he went M.I.A. So one would expect she has turned up to help Team Emily, until she kisses Aiden – a kiss which points to something deeper than just a simple doctor-patient relationship. Who is this mystery woman and why is she here? Is she really going to help Aiden? What did she say to him before he returned to the Hamptons to chase after Emily?

Emily regains her memory – part 2
When Jack visits her in the hospital, Emily tells him he looks familiar but has no full memory of who he is. Then he gives her Amanda’s necklace, which she had returned to him when they said goodbye just before her wedding. Suddenly, memories of her holding on to Amanda in the water as she died come flooding back. And then she remembers it was Daniel who shot her! Will she remember why?

Photo: ABC. Written by Valerie Leung. Find her @ValShopaholic and LibraGirlRules.com.