Love is all around us in this penultimate episode before the mid-season finale. We are hours away from the biggest society wedding in New York but the real lovebirds are not the ones getting ready to walk down the aisle together. In the tradition of match-making shows, let’s rate our couples and see what their chances of happiness and longevity may be.

emily thorne wedding

Emily Thorne in her bridal best. Photo: ABC

Revenge Recap

Couple #1: Daniel and Emily

Their love story:
From the moment reformed playboy, Daniel Grayson, clapped eyes on beautiful new girl in town, Emily Thorne, he has been mostly deeply besotted with her. She was different from all the other girls he had dated. For starters, she had her own money so he knew she wasn’t after him for his. She was also intelligent (she could even speak Japanese which helped him land a big investor) and more importantly, she could stand up to his mother, Victoria. For a while, it looked like Emily was the girl who could help bring out the real Daniel – the kind, honest and gentle soul who wanted to be as different from his parents as he could get. But then things change and Daniel proves the apple doesn’t really fall that far from the tree.

Chances of success – 1/5:
Daniel and Emily will walk down the aisle and exchange their vows. We know this will happen because Emily needs this to happen as part of her revengenda. However, although I don’t doubt Daniel truly loves and cares about Emily, there are simply too many lies between them, and by that, I mean, all the lies Emily has told Daniel (for starters, Emily is NOT Emily and more recently, the fact that Emily is NOT pregnant).

Couple #2: Conrad and Lydia

Their love story:
Once upon a time, the leggy blonde Lydia worked as Conrad’s secretary. Then she married one of his friends and, together with Victoria, ruled the Hamptons. This didn’t stop her from becoming Conrad’s mistress even if her own divorce was attributed to her husband’s infidelity (which just proves that one of them wasn’t as good with keeping their affair secret as the other). After Conrad finally divorced Victoria, he became engaged to Lydia, who survived a rooftop fall and then ultimately, as it turned out, also survived a plane explosion from a bomb planted by Conrad’s henchmen when she was about to testify to the FBI against him. Re-emerging from her exile to Ecuador, Lydia was determined to seek revenge against Conrad and Victoria for abandoning her, but once she saw Conrad again, he laid on his trademark charm that helped get him elected as Governor, all that hate just seemed to have melted away. Before you know it, Lydia is pledging her allegiance and loyalty to Conrad and apologizing for ever having chosen Victoria over him.

Chances of success – 2/5:
They’ve been down this road before. How many more times does it take for Conrad to try and kill her before Lydia realizes that hanging out with the Graysons is bad news? However, the reasons why they would work are the same as why they most likely wouldn’t. They have dirt on each other. They both played significant parts in conspiring to frame David Clarke and in all the subsequent acts to cover up the accident.

Couple #3: Jack and Margaux

Their love story:
She is the daughter of a publishing magnate and she’s French. He’s from the wrong side of the Hamptons, where he spent his life serving drinks to the likes of her family. She dated Daniel and was still trying to seduce him in her office even knowing he is engaged. Meanwhile, Jack had just learned that his childhood love turned out to be a vengeful killer responsible for getting his wife and brother killed as they became pawns in her revenge plans against Conrad. Against all odds, they met and realized there was so much more to life than what they were born to. Thank you to Charlotte for helping set them up – it is the only positive contribution she has made to anyone’s lives in the Hamptons.

Chances of success – 3/5:
As much as I would love to think they have a higher chance of the fairytale ending, no good could ever come to anyone who tries to dig into the Graysons. Margaux’s investigative reporting skills dug up Lydia from her empty grave and she was on the right track with Nolan, so even though she has agreed to stop chasing the David Clarke story at Jack’s request, I am sure something bad is going to happen from questions she has already been asking. I just have a bad feeling about this…

Couple #4: Emily and Aiden

Their love story:
When Amanda Clarke was released from juvenile detention, she went to Japan to become a student of revenge master, Takeda. There, she met fellow student, Aiden Mathis, also on a path of revenge for his sister murdered by the same group that helped frame Amanda’s father. Their level of hatred fuelled their passion for each other and he has become as much an integral part of her revenge plans as Nolan had been before he arrived on the scene. For anyone else, spending the afternoon before your wedding at the gun range, preparing evidence to frame your mother-in-law-to-be for your own murder might seem like a crazy thing to do. For Emily Thorne, it is one step closer to sending Victoria to an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life. On the eve of Emily’s wedding to Daniel, Aiden reminds her to reflect on her journey, of the people she has lost and the ones she has found. And in a candlelit room, he gets down on one knee, presents a diamond ring and proposes.

Chances of success – 4/5:
As much as I wish I could rate this couple higher, there are some obstacles still to overcome. I’m not entirely convinced that Emily is completely over Jack. Her first engagement with Daniel broke up because he found out she kissed Jack. After telling Jack the truth about her real identity and her plans, she also declared she was in love with him, even though he ultimately rejected her. I do believe she is in love with Aiden as well, but what is there left to hold their passion when revenge is done?

What do you think?

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