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Jack can’t believe Emily. Can you? Photo: ABC

Warning: if this recap makes little sense, it’s likely due to the fact that I lost control of my own senses from the opening minutes when a shirtless Jack Porter carries his adorable baby Carl into shot. But I shall make an attempt to share some thoughts on the latest installment of Revenge.

What’s Aiden really up to?
Despite the fact that there is someone else close to the Graysons who wants Conrad dead, Emily is not looking for an ally. She has earned the right to take down Conrad in her own way and no-one is allowed to take that from her. Aiden lies to her about being the one to clue Conrad in on the fact his car was tampered with and promises to do everything he can as her inside man to find out everything he can. Can he be trusted? After all, it seems that Emily is the only one who trusts him.

Aiden offers to help Conrad reconcile with Charlotte, who has been pretty much MIA from Grayson Manor since Jack told her about Conrad’s role in the death of Declan. This greatly displeases Victoria, who does not like to share. She is the one who brought Aiden into her inner circle on the promise that he will help her take down Emily and she does not like it when people deviate from her plans. She makes him choose a side but in the end, he didn’t have to as he inadvertently manages to kill two birds with one stone by finding out the true identity of Conrad’s attempted murderer.

Subtlety is an art-form
Victoria does not “do” subtlety – ever. For example, when she tells Daniel that Emily is taking her and Charlotte dress-shopping for their wedding, then adds to Emily that she hopes it is not “an exercise in futility – again” she is clearly insinuating that the wedding would never proceed, just as it did not proceed the last time either. So why, oh why, would Emily take the bait, hook, line and sinker, when she casually informs her that Conrad has evidence of Jack being responsible for tampering with his car brakes, causing Fr. Paul’s death?

Will they, won’t they?
How does one carry on such a big lie as to share a bed with a man you despise? There have been plenty of times when I thought maybe there is a small part of Emily who genuinely does have feelings for Daniel other than deep-seated hate. But it seems that despite his attempts to distance himself from his murderous parents, there is a part of him that is still ambitious and wanting to prove himself. All of this is meant to impress Emily but she is too consumed by her revengenda to notice anything.

When Emily fails to show up at the launch party of the magazine that Daniel has been working at, he finally realizes that he has been the only one working at making their relationship work. And once again, Daniel calls off their engagement. So is Mama Grayson going to be right again? Well, we know Emily will make it into a white dress, though we don’t know whether she actually makes it as far as exchanging vows, and even if she does, who’s to say for sure that it is Daniel who she will be marrying?

Nolan Ross: relationship adviser
After Daniel calls off their engagement, Emily’s first stop is to Nolan’s new house. As much as she can’t stand to be near the son of her greatest enemies, she also can’t give up the relationship as her way in to take down Conrad and Victoria (her revenge plans have become so convoluted now that I am not exactly sure why she still needs to marry Daniel to achieve her goals). Nolan, fresh from his own relationship woes after being found out about bribing Patrick’s ex-wife to dig up dirt on him, offers a piece of advice to Emily: what everyone wants from their partner is honesty.

In order to share a piece of herself, Emily decides to share something from her past with Daniel to salvage the relationship. But knowing that she cannot share anything of her true past since anything relating to David Clarke would reveal her true identity, Emily breaks into Jack’s apartment and steals a photo of Fauxmanda as a happy child with her parents. As she rummages through Amanda’s old bag, she comes across a photo of her with Amanda when they were in juvie together. It makes me miss Amanda and serves as another reminder of how many people have sacrificed their lives along the path of revenge.

Victoria to Margaux: I am woman, hear me roar
Margaux has so much in common with Daniel – both have worked hard their entire lives to make their fathers proud and both have been let down. When Margaux’s publisher father cancels his visit to New York to attend her magazine launch party, she makes up a story about him breaking his leg, thus explaining his absence. However, Victoria knows better and soon finds Margaux hiding in her office, tearing up her magazine that was filled with unwanted and unjust critique of her work.

Having married her way up the social ladder, Victoria knows a thing or two about powerful men in her life and being controlled by them. But she has made it clear that she did not succeed by just letting men control her, but by learning to control them. Lies, manipulation and deceit all go a long way to longevity.

Jack knows even less about his childhood sweetheart than he thought
It seems like Aiden and Jack had been travelling so much in the same Hamptons circle over the past year that it never occurred to me they had never met face-to-face. In fact, Jack did not even know of Aiden until he mysteriously turns up in his apartment, sitting in the dark, as Conrad’s messenger. Unlike Jack, Aiden is acutely aware of Jack as his rival for Emily’s heart. So did he turn up at the Stowaway to warn him about Conrad or as a way to get him out of Emily’s life? Perhaps a little of both?

When Emily skips Daniel’s magazine launch party to check on Jack, she realizes Aiden had been there before her. She explains to Jack that Aiden works for her, which takes him by surprise once again, confessing to her that he really has no idea who she is and how she has turned the sweet little girl he first met on the beach as a kid into a murdering, scheming, liar who cannot even trust her own people.

The Grayson Manor pool is finally being put to good use
There has been a lot of action in the pool house over the years. But until now, we have never actually laid eyes on the pool itself. Why have the producers been depriving us of all these opportunities to see the likes of Aiden swimming in the pool, or Patrick painting by its side? Hopefully this is only the beginning of more good stuff to come from that pool.

And the award for would-be killer goes to…
Patrick Osbourne! It should have come as no surprise that the first-born son of Victoria Grayson would be the spawn of Satan. While checking the alarm system of Conrad’s garage where he keeps his collection of vintage sports cars to see who may have broken into it to mess with his Ferrari, Aiden discovers that there had been no break-in, and that the person who had disarmed the alarm was none other than Patrick. As if that wasn’t enough, Aiden also found the knife Patrick had used to cut the brakes corroded from brake fluid in Patrick’s room.

Aiden thinks Victoria will tell Conrad the truth but Emily knows better – she will cover it up to protect her beloved son. And hats off to Victoria for finding a way to use this as an opportunity to bring Charlotte back together with Conrad. Charlotte confesses to trying to kill her father because she was angry at him for his part in Declan’s death and did not want him to send Jack to prison for something he did not do.

What will this mean for Team NolPat?
Maybe I should have also suspected that Patrick was a psychopath when I started calling for Team NolPat. With Nolan’s history of former lovers, it will be interesting to see how long it will take for Patrick’s psychosis to surface again. But maybe his playing hard-to-get with Nolan will serve as a distraction to a man who is looking for love and a good time after his jail time? Is Patrick the one who will ultimately shoot Emily? How will Victoria react when she finds out how her beloved son has been spending his nights? Will Nolan replace Victoria as Patrick’s new muse? If so, will we see a new Nolan portrait hanging in the Vicki Harper Gallery?

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