Can people really change? We, the cynics, often like to think a leopard can never change its spots. Have we been too quick to judge? Do the Graysons have any chance for salvation? Does Emily? Do any of the Hamptons alliances make sense at all? How many of these do we think are genuine and how many are just a marriage of convenience?


Revenge “Sin” Recap

Aiden and Victoria
Aiden’s quest to take down “the girl next door” brought him, surprisingly, to Victoria’s door and a secret meeting with her on the Grayson yacht. He reveals that his affair with Emily pre-dates his arrival in the Hamptons last summer and promises to provide proof that Victoria can trust him. It’s not so hard for Aiden to do some digging when he already knows Emily’s favorite hiding places.

It takes no effort at all for him to find the deed to Nolan’s house, in Emily’s name, and to use it to convince Victoria that it is Emily who now holds the key to the Grayson fortune. (How convenient it is to forget that Emily is wealthy in her own right?) In any case, having Aiden as your enemy could make Emily’s life and revengenda considerably more complicated.

Conrad and Charlotte
The fact that Conrad is not Charlotte’s biological father has done nothing to hurt the relationship between father and daughter. Charlotte has declared she is definitely not on her mother’s side, moving out of Grayson Manor and into her friends’ guest houses. Conrad’s Huntington’s diagnosis has got her working hard to be her father’s keeper. But unfortunately for Conrad, this alliance is not meant to last because she soon finds out, thanks to Jack’s conscience, that he is behind the bombings of Flight 197 and the one at Grayson Global that killed Declan, aka the love of her life.

Charlotte and Jack
Poor Charlotte still thinks her half-sister, Amanda, is dead, not realizing that Emily is the Real Amanda. With the deaths of Declan and Amanda, she feels closer than ever to Jack and baby Carl. Of course, Jack knows the truth – that Charlotte’s half-sister is really not dead and that Declan’s death is not her fault. For a moment, I thought Jack was going to tell her the whole truth, but he tells her enough to relieve her of her guilt and redirect it at the man behind everyone’s misery. Of all the players in this game of revenge, these two are truly the innocents who have been unfortunately caught into a massive web of deceipt.

Conrad and Emily
OK, so this isn’t going to ever be a true alliance, but with Conrad continuing to be at war with Victoria under the same roof and Charlotte being upset with him, Emily has conveniently slipped in by his side. After all, they have a common enemy in Victoria, and she is going to become a Grayson. She has been by his side, handing him bottled water and filling up his drinks even without him asking. Little does he know what she has been putting into his drinks is what is causing him to have dizzy spells.

revenge sin

Daniel and Margaux
A beautiful, smart, rich French woman reappears in Daniel’s life, just at a time when he needs a job and needs to feel useful. Margaux and Daniel has a history, back in his playboy days. Now he is offering her his connections to help bring in investors to her magazine launch. In turn, she is offering him a quickie in the office, which the Old Daniel would have grabbed with both hands (pardon the pun), but the New Daniel just responds by picking up her designer dress from her designer office and hands it back to her. So, unlike his father, Daniel understands the definition of monogamy. If only his fiancée feels the same. How long will New Daniel last?

Jack and Emily
At this point, the only alliance between these lovers-who-are-meant-to-be-together-but-are-kept-apart-by-lies could be considered non-existent. Jack promises to keep Emily’s secret about being the Real Amanda, but only until the end of the summer. He wonders how life might have been different if he hadn’t brought dearly-departed Sammy to the park that fateful day that Emily arrived in the Hamptons. He continues to question her motives: “When did punishing the guilty become more important than helping the innocent?”

Emily and Nolan
That is very much the same question Nolan asks of Emily when he starts reading David Clarke’s prison journals to his daughter, specifically the pages where he begs his daughter to forgive rather than seek revenge from those who have wronged their family. Nolan 2.0 is not only computer-free, but is trying to remind her that this is not the path that her father had ever wanted for her. None of this is what Emily wants to hear. She has spent so much of her life hating the Graysons that she has forgotten that people are capable of penance and redemption.

She is more determined than ever to resume her take-down of all who were involved in her father’s conviction and untimely death. Her red magic marker finds a man who used to work for the Graysons but has since found a higher power and become a priest. She thinks Fr Paul is putting on an act and “coincidentally” asks him to preside over her own wedding to Daniel as a ploy to get him talking to the Graysons again. However, as she begins to get to know Fr Paul, she realizes that his conversion is genuine. When she tells him that her parents are dead, he tells her that he is sure his father would have been proud and happy to walk her down the aisle had he lived. Mentions of her father bring tears to her eyes, as does the tour of the shelter that Fr Paul is working in.


Emily’s change of heart comes too late, however, as the blackmail photo of Fr Paul’s previous life has already landed in the collection plate and in the hands of the parish priest. The repentant priest is dismissed from his parish just as Conrad decides that maybe he can find peace and redemption by talking to the man who already knows the truth.

What’s Next?
Don’t be surprised if Nolan meets Patrick soon. I think they could become the next couple to watch. Can you imagine how much more livid Victoria can and will get to find her beloved long-lost son in the bedroom of one of her nemeses? This is the man who greeted her at the door with: “Victoria, you’ve come to borrow a cup of vinegar?” No sugar for this neighbor, right? And don’t expect him to be baking any muffins for her either, not that seeing her beloved art pieces in his living room hasn’t already left a sour taste in her mouth. And by the way, apparently being broke, to the Graysons, means you have to sell off your art collection but you can still keep your stable of horses and yacht. Go figure.

Emily, ever the opportunist, is going to find Fr Paul, help him get his old job back, and use him to get a confession out of Conrad all in one fell swoop. Or at least, that’s what she would hope for. But this is not going to be easy while Aiden is still out to get her.

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