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emily thorne

“Destiny has two ways of crushing us: by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.” – Henri Frederic Amiel

“A person’s true #Destiny can only be revealed at the end of his journey. And the story I have to tell is far from over.”

Okay… Three months ago Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) was like Tiger Lily in Peter Pan!

Jack (Nick Wechsler) is shirtless for your enjoyment.

Is Victoria Grayson dead? So is Madeleine Stowe off Revenge? They’re talking about “Mother” in the past.. okay, she’s dead. But maybe not really dead if the body hasn’t been found.

Daniel (Joshua Bowman) has rebounded! With Emily’s BFF – Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)! Classy.

Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is sober 60 days, nice. And her hair looks so shiny and sleek!

As I predicted, Emily Thorne was doing this to herself. She’s intense. And troubled. And psycho. This reminds me of James Bond. I’m mot even sure why.

Nolan! Ems! Together! Gabriel Mann looks great! He’s taking karate and stuff because he’s scared of the psychos. Who can blame him?

“Sounds vaguely revengey. Where to?” “Back to the Hamptons.”

ashley madekwe

Casa Nolan has been sold! So now .. come on, Ems! “Gee, thank for mulling that over.” It’d be so fun, come on!

“And the plot curdles.” – Nolan

Ashley is ready to step into Victoria’s shoes. But how will Charlotte feel about this? Haha, she wants that infamous chair to be chucked. Loving her yellow dress and amazing hair, btw.

emily thorne

Touching the hospital walls is making me shiver. Like fingers on chalkboard. Aaah!

Jennifer Jason Leigh is Amanda’s Mom!

“Seance anyone?” – Nolan

Why did Victoria visit Amanda’s Mom?

Why did David say his wife was dead?

Jackdaddy? Ha! Stupid FauxAmanda and her baby annoy me, and they’re not even really around yet.

I love Nolan’s sarcastic tone. re: “I’m sure the feelings mutual.”

Charlotte just dropped the Daniel/Ashley bomb. BOOM.

Emily and Jack have sexual tension in under 1 second.

Ugh, Amanda. You are not going to help anyone!

Manipulative! “Amanda just asked me to be the baby’s godmother.” Man.

Ashley 2.0 seems really pretentious. But Emily looks great in her red dress. Whatta heartbreaker. I hope Daniel misses her.

“I think she’s somewhere looking… up at us.” – Nolan

Ha, Ash hid the card that Daniel’s ex sent. How nice.

Did you guys know the very subtle double infinity theme in Emily’s silver earrings?

Of course we use the word “humanitarian” to describe Victoria first.

I love Charlotte’s floral and white dress so much.

“Get refills” – that’s me at every single place I go.

Charlotte … what a misunderstood girl. Emily probably is the one who dosed her, though. Jesus. Then again, maybe not.

Uh. And there’s Victoria. VICTORIA IS ALIVE.

And Charlotte knew her Mom was alive, huh? Nice!

Uh oh, secret phone! Oh, Conrad wants Charlotte’s inheritance.

Charlotte is so powerless, I’d be pissed if I was her.

Clam cam! Clamcam!

Is the baby Jack’s? Good question.

No, you don’t deserve this kindness. But Charlotte does.

Song: Once you’re gone you can never come back. Out of the blue into the black. Hey my my. Rock and Roll can never die. (Hey Hey, My My cover)

“You better be house hunting.” Ha, he’s a slob. But I hope he doesn’t move out of Em’s!

Victoria just put a hit out on Emily. How nice. “What they did to my father, they did to my Mother, too.” “And now they’re comming for you.” Good, let them.” Let them TRY.

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