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“Some think intuition is a gift. But it can be a curse, as well. A voice calling to us from place that are better left  unexplored. An echo of memories that will never die. No matter how hard we try to kill them.” – Emily Thorne

Ugh, Amanda is the worst. She’s using their kid as leverage and manipulating Jack’s emotions.

I feel like Amanda slightly loves being part of all these plans, even though she’s also frustrated by all of Emily’s obsessions. I mean, now that they’re living together they’re in the ultimate sleepover to be BFFs again. And I think Amanda would rather have Emily’s friendship almost more than Jack’s love. (I think Amanda is obsessed with Emily.)

charlotte grayson

“And here we were, not even speaking of the devil.” – Nolan

Dilshad Vadsaria!And Gabriel Mann! Love Padma and Nolan. I bet Nolan wants Emily to be jealous. And I think she actually is. At least that someone else has his attention. Maybe she’ll realize how great she is when she doesn’t have all of him?

Nolan’s Dad died and he didn’t even know? Talk about being estranged… he needs his BFF Emily right now, more than ever!

“You and I both know there’s more to that story.” – Amanda

“In her eyes I saw kindness and fire.” – David Clarke

Do you think Victoria’s motives for having the journal is to get rid of any evidence, or because she will always love David?

Daniel is thinking, hi creepy girlfriend robot… stop spying on me!

Fauxmanda has massive cleavage in this scene. And wisdom, too. “You’ll never be done,” is very true.

emily thorne

Nolan, leaving the screen up like that and acting all distraught was pretty…transparent. Of course Padma can jump to the conclusion of what’s wrong and what to do.

Amanda is strolling in like she’s in Coyote Ugly or Mean Girls. Victoria is Regina George, though.

Emily’s Mom is no more trusting than Emily is.

Oh Nolan, your Dad adored you and was so proud.. damn, damn. That’s sad.

There are much easier ways to get Victoria’s signature or a handwriting sample.

Amanda’s Mother tried to kill her?! Why? And now… Victoria has almost killed Amanda. But she’ll probably just lose the baby, right?

That’s a gruesome scene.

Does Ashley still trust Conrad Grayson…nope. She is trusting Daniel. Maybe based on who looks better or has more power.

Was Nolan’s Dad a hoarder of… Nolan-based memorabilia?

Nolan is so cool. I’d want to know him in high school. I wonder if his Dad feels guilty for kicking his son out?

Yaaay…oh man. Epic fail, Nolan! I wanted a romantic kiss. But that’s perfectly Nolan. “Can..we try that again?” “I think we should.” And the music right now, is so good! iZLER always does a great job.

Wow, do you think Amanda really said that to Emily? To save her son instead of her? This is really sad for Charlotte, because Charlotte is always having horrible things happen to/around her. Of course, that much is true for just about everyone on this show.

It’s hard to believe that Emily really cares about Amanda. I find Emily so cold.

Oh, I know why Amanda’s in a coma. Because she knows the truth that Victoria said about Amanda’s Mom. And Emily won’t know that nugget of truth unless Amanda wakes… Niiiice one, Revenge!

Daniel has no problem being with Ashley, even though he knows that she was playing him?

Emily’s Mom can’t even recognize her own daughter? And she really did try to kill Amanda?! CRAZY. Time for horrible flashbacks!

Nolan needs Emily, Emily needs Nolan… come on guys! Aidan isn’t good enough! Though he’s less boring than Daniel.

Revenge Fashion Notes

Charlotte’s blue and white blouse is so sweet. Interesting skirt choice and color with that magenta piece.

I love Victoria’s Blue top and pearls.

Casual Hampton’s Chic: denim top and white shorts. As seen on Emily Thorne.

Ashley’s yellow tank, studs, and fishtail side braid is very relaxed-chic.

I’m actually not absolutely in love with Emily’s navy spaghetti strap dress.

However, Charlotte’s ivory dress with lace-like detail is pretty fabulous. Love her hair, too. This whole side part with hair over one shoulder is something very old Hollywood and something I’m seeing everywhere.

Oooh, Ashley’s purse is fabulous! Tiger striped with chain strap.

emily thorne

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