The red magic marker has been absent from the hands of Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) lately. The weekly take-downs have been missing. However, in their place has been something of a triangular revengenda whereby the Graysons – Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) – think The Initiative has been behind everything against them, whilst Emily/Aiden (Barry Sloane)/Nolan (Gabriel Mann) continue to throw anonymous tips around to turn everyone against each other, and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is losing friends faster than his Board members can say “Aye”.

So here are the latest “Revelations”…

Let’s go on a 21st century hunting trip
Well, technically, it’s not so 21st century when the Graysons take their Board members on a clay pigeon shooting day out.  We meet Salvador Grobet (Joaquim de Almeida) – Brazil’s Richard Branson, whose wife is the real money and has influence over the Board of Grayson Global.  While Conrad and Victoria are trying to win his vote, Daniel trots out his charming and attractive pit crew in the form of Aiden and girlfriend Ashley (Ashley Medekwe).  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that ex-fiancée Emily has also thrown her backing behind Daniel.

Old flames can still burn you
Just when our favorite tech genius is settling in with new love/CFO Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), the man who used to hold both roles returns for his own taste of revenge.  Granted , Marco’s (E.J. Bonilla) reappearance is all thanks to Daniel’s attempt to dig up dirt on pre-IPO NolCorp days, but Marco being the jilted lover whose career came to a screeching halt when he was fired by Nolan is plenty good enough bargaining chip for Daniel to hold up against Nolan.

Ashley’s fall from grace
After she was fired by Victoria, Ashley threw her allegiance behind Conrad when he hired her to become his spy – I mean, his publicist (or something).  He “encouraged” her to become Daniel’s new love and double as his mole to spy on him, but not before having an office affair with her first.  She says it was a one-time thing, but being the ambitious social climber she is, who can say for sure that she is telling the truth?  After Victoria discovers the affair (care of an anonymous video message sent to her), she blackmails Ashley into saving herself by sleeping with Grobet to change his vote in support of Conrad instead of Daniel.  Unfortunately for Ashley, this does not gel with Emily’s plans, and so both Ashley and Grobet are dispensed with in one fell swoop. A not-so-subtle hint from Aiden sends Daniel straight to Grobet’s hotel room whereupon he is greeted with “It’s not what you think.”

Jack discovers a hidden secret…and murder weapon
You would think that after all that has happened in the Hamptons since Emily and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) arrived the previous summer, Jack (Nick Wechsler) would be less trusting and more suspicious of mysterious strangers who come out of the woodwork and be all nice to him.  Case in point – the Ryan brothers who now co-own his beloved Stowaway Tavern.  Turns out Kenny (JR Bourne) and little brother Nate (Michael Trucco) are the sons of the local “mafia” who had taunted his father and was killed by family friend Matt Duncan (Jonathan Adams) six years ago with his father’s gun.  The Ryans are here for revenge and take the opportunity of baby Carl’s christening to lure out the late Papa’s old pals so they could beat Duncan to a pulp.  Duncan confesses to Jack that he had killed Ryan senior and warns him to sever all ties with the brothers asap.  Oh, and Papa Porter hid the murder weapon under the floorboards of Jack’s boat.

emily and nolanPDAs aplenty
While Daniel’s and Ashley’s relationship always looked awkward, Emily’s public displays of affection of late never cease to cause Daniel to look at the pair with a little envy, none more so than when Emily visits the Grayson Global office right after Daniel has won the Board’s vote to become the company’s new CEO.  He should have been celebrating his latest win but having kicked Ashley out of his life and stabbed his parents in the back, Daniel sits by himself staring at his computer screen, busying himself with deleting pictures of him with Ashley and looking mournfully and regretfully at pictures of Emily – the woman who should have been by his side instead of Aiden’s.

What next?
When Nolan discovered that Padma had been responsible for causing the ripple that resulted in Grayson Global now owning a controlling interest in his beloved NolCorp, he asked her how far she was prepared to go to protect his company.  He asks her this again – but we have yet to find out exactly how he intends to be the Trojan Horse that will destroy the Graysons from the inside.  And while we’re on the subject of Nolan, is a love triangle between Nolan, Padma and Marco imminent?  And what is The Initiative’s plan for Daniel now that he controls Grayson Global?  Is he really in danger, as his mother warned him it would be?  What’s Jack going to do with the gun that killed the Ryan brothers’ father?  And what will happen to Ashley now that she’s been used and abused by the Graysons (again)?

Photo: ABC. Revenge returns in January.

Written by Valerie Leung.  Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic to share your Revenge theories!