Emily Thorne knows just the right buttons to push in order to send Victoria Grayson off her rocker. Sounds fun.


Nolan Ross investigates. (ABC/Vivian Zink) GABRIEL MANN

Nolan Ross investigates. In a new sort of outfit. (ABC/Vivian Zink)

Is Revenge new tonight? It is, and with a good-sounding episode, too. Revenge “Identity” will air tonight, Sunday April 28, 2013 at 9 pm EST on ABC.

This episode has Nolan on a hunt for Padma, with Emily and Aiden trying to help. And the ultimate endgame? Finding out the identity of Falcon. Plus, are Emily and Daniel getting engaged – again?!

Emily Thorne plots. (ABC/Vivian Zink) EMILY VANCAMP

Emily Thorne plots. (ABC/Vivian Zink)

Revenge Season 2 Episode 19 “Identity” Synopsis

Desperate to find Padma, Emily, Aiden and Nolan must track down the Falcon’s true identity and put a stop to the Initiative while Emily struggles with her future and Victoria fights her own battle after a very exposing interview on “Nightline,” on “Revenge,” on the ABC Television Network.