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Revenge Review – “Collusion”

Beauty and the Bikini

The strongest piece of fashion in this episode was worn on Emily Thorne while poolside. A white, lacy coverup with a white bikini was the perfect combination of revealing swimwear to remind Daniel that he can’t quite have her again. But the real intention is always found in the eyes, and in this case she was hiding them under oversized, black sunglasses.

My first reaction to Daniel whisking Emily off on a jet was that it was romantic and sweet and all sorts of stuff that was positive. But I also felt an inward cringe, thinking that Daniel is masking his actions with sweetness, when they really are rooted in controlling and manipulative ideas. Packing Emily’s stuff for her, taking her to a jet and then guilt tripping her doesn’t leave a lot of space for her to say no.

A Name By Any Other Convicted Felon Would Smell As Sweet

So, Charlotte is showing what a bratty teen she is (sorry “adult” – bratty adult) by changing her last name. Listen, as a teen I often changed my first name as a way of insistent independence and pissing off my parents. Charlotte is doing the same thing. Her entire family forgot her birthday, she she decided to say they aren’t even her family anymore. Seriously, she’s gonna divorce her paren – oh wait, she’s 18 so now there’s no point. Well, I just want to say that I don’t know what this can possibly do in future storylines so I hope I’m surprised and it does end up mattering a great deal.

The Perks of being a Teenage Grayson

When Charlotte tells Fauxmanda that being a Grayson is all about “learning to deal with disappointment” I couldn’t have disagreed more. Being a Grayson is all about having gobs of dirty money, having shifty and usually evil parents, and having a target on your back. Doubtless, these are not great things. But learning to deal with disappointment? Girl, that’s just being a teenager. Charlotte’s story is as much about being a little Grayson as it is about being a teenager. A teenager with a really beautiful bedroom… am I the only one who is taking screencaps to copy that color palette of blues and grays?

Den of Iniquity

Nolan has a new, rockin’ bachelor pad. And while I’m sure he’ll get it up to date on all the high-tech components it needs soon enough, what’s more interesting is the old-school feature that helped sway his purchasing decision. You mean to tell me that a piece of real estate to be sold doesn’t even mention the coolest part? A hidden passage is awesome!

More Revenge “Collusion” Notes

  • So, Daniel really always knew Emily was there at his Mother’s behest? No wonder he was using her. No shame in that game, brotha.
  • Padma is being coerced, so I’m sure in the end it’ll be revealed she’s pretty innocent and really does like Nolan. Plot arc? Nailed it. Moving on.
  • Charlotte’s lines were basically: Wah wah wah pay attention to me, ballet, birthday, no birthday?, Clarke, family,  adultz now, wah.
  • Jack’s lines: Family, murder!, Father!, Nooo.
  • Conrad is screwing overr the Porter boys, but at least it makes their “world” seem relevant to the entire story again.
  • Ashley Davenport really has no reason to be on the show anymore, which is too bad because I’d hate to loose her. All she does is slink around in pretty dresses and get abused. I hate what has been done to her character.
  • Aiden blaming Emily for everything is reaching. Or can I blame my neighbor’s cat for my torn sock? HEAR ME OUT – I was wearing said sock when I saw that cat yesterday at approximately 21:00 hours. I think that works. Case closed.

Will Charlotte ever gain power in her families eyes? Will we see the secret passage being used at Nolan’s new house? Will I manage to do my laundry today? These are the questions we’re dealing with.

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