The Revenge season 1 finale aired this week, and was shocking in more ways than one. Let’s discuss.

Emily Playing the Actress

I loved the way the director cut to exactly the moment where she switched from being her real self to putting on an act. I’d say that Daniel was gullible (I mean, he IS) but Emily Thorne is a damn good actress. I do wonder why the Grayson’s don’t do a further background check on Emily. You’d think there would be some telling detail that would show she isn’t who she said she is. But, we’re way past that at this point. And she did choose wisely – a girl of the right age, right race, etc. If I want to play up the acting metaphor, I could say how she never has to call for “line” because she has no problem going off-book.

Tell Jack that I Love Him

Okay, it’s not that I love Jack/Emily. But the smile that Nolan (Gabriel Mann) gave to Emily was so perfect It was quick. But it was a decisive action. Which makes it romantic. Or dumb. Both!

I’ve Got an Axe! (And You Don’t)

“I’m not here because of how my father was framed. I’m here because of how he died.” Badass skills! She wasn’t even hiding when the white haired man walked in. She was sitting there, just waiting! That shows no fear, and total determination. But I was glad she didn’t commit murder.

Amanda Appearing, Preggo!

“Jack and I are gonna have a baby.” Ugh! DOOM. I really wonder if Jack loves Amanda or Emily. Now there’s this obligation, you know?

The Encrypted and Backed-up Hard drive!
… Thank God! Nolan really is a genius.

Bonus: Who Died on Revenge?

There are three possibilities.  But bank on it being Lydia who really died.

What did you think of that finale? We’ll be back with Revenge season 2 reviews!