The Beastie Boys sang it best, but Emily Thorne does it so well. It’s SABOTAGE, baby!

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REVENGE – “Sabotage” – A fundraiser and wine auction provide the perfect backdrop for Emily and Aiden’s next plan of attack, while Victoria strategically plots her next move. Meanwhile, Jack, Declan and Amanda struggle with what lies ahead, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ERIC MCCANDLESS)

Politics bore the Nashville audience, why not Revenge fans now, too?

Ah, the Jack Porter story. His is a story of woe. He’s in jail. And there’s a gun that was his Dad’s. And he’s been framed as a drug smuggler, or drug haver, or something to do with drugs. Charlotte didn’t even bat an eyelash when Amanda told her who was setting the boys up. Nothing phases her anymore. But now Ashley is going to help Conrad get political, which should be a major snooze. Yay.

Don’t look now, but you just got screwed by your crush

Nolan was playing some computer game. I love that he sits in a suit, in an office, then plays colorful games online. But it seems his eye hasn’t been open wide enough or whatever.. because Padma is totally playing him against Marco. Well, they were both trying to screw him. While watching Marco and Nolan talked daggers at each other I realized I’ve totally forgotten in which way Marco screwed Nolan. There are too many things going on for my poor brain.

And it was just wine, not the fountain of youth

Daniel didn’t seem less boyish to me with his bid. Instead, he seemed like an idiot kid throwing his money around. One million dollars for one bottle of wine. At least there was a charity involved. Unless it’s a fake charity?

  • Revenge “Sabotage” Review Notes, misc
  • Helen Crowley has a huge screen to watch Daniel? That’s way more creepy than Emily spying on tiny screens.
  • So it’s Christmas, huh? Don’t people live in their normal houses during the year, and only summer at their summer homes at the Hamptons? In uh, the summer?
  • Auctions in the Hampton’s don’t have the funny auctioner voiced dudes, huh?

Revenge Season 2 Episode 11 | Revenge “Sabotage” review | Series created by Mike Kelley. | Photo Credit: ABC | Revenge airs Sundays on ABC.