When you look at the parade of beauties that inhabit the Hamptons, it is easy to understand how these seemingly-intelligent and well-educated men all fall under their spells and become willing marionettes being pulled this way and that.


In “Sabotage”, the business of revenge is once again set aside as Emily (Emily VanCamp) focuses on drawing out Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson) and the Initiative to find out how they know so much about Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) past and to get proof of life that his sister, Colleen, is still alive.  Aiden is torn between wanting to find his sister and jealousy towards Emily’s re-acquaintance with former fiancé Daniel (Josh Bowman).

Much to Aiden’s disappointment, every player in this game seems to have Daniel and Grayson Global at the heart of their evil plots to bring each other down.  And so behind every man in the Hamptons is a woman who is getting what she wants.

Emily and Daniel
Emily uses her new role as philanthropic consultant to Grayson Global to convince Daniel to give her a list of his company’s top tier investors so that she can invite them and their deep pockets to her wine auction which benefits a children’s charity for foster kids at risk of aging out of the system.  He quickly obliges without question despite feeling uneasy at the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Aiden, will also be in attendance.

Helen Crowley and Daniel
Helen uses her stature as one of Grayson Global’s biggest investors to advise Daniel to look into Nolcorp’s past R&D projects.  It is during this analysis that Daniel discovers an abandoned project known as Carrion – software that Nolan (Gabriel Mann) himself describes as “cyber plutonium”.  Daniel doesn’t quite know what this is yet but knows enough to demand that Nolan provide a detailed report of all of Nolcorp’s abandoned projects.  At the same time, Helen tells Daniel he should buy a company called Stonehaven United Solutions (a disaster recovery company) which, according to Helen, is set to triple its revenue within a year.

Victoria and Jason
Upon getting a tip-off from Emily – her new partner-in-crime – Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) uses her husband’s old rival, Jason Prosser’s (Dylan Walsh) interest in her and his competitiveness to always one-up Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Grayson Global and “accidentally” drops the hint that her son intends to buy a company called Stonehaven United.  Needless to say, Jason falls hook, line and sinker, and calls his merger and acquisition team to look into that company.  Oh, and in pitting Jason against Daniel at the wine auction, the children’s charity made a one million dollar sale on a bottle of wine that turned out to be off.

Ashley and Conrad
Former event planner and assistant, Ashley (Ashley Medekwe) returns to the Grayson Mansion, not so much blackmailing Conrad for hush money, but to offer her services once again to him.  She suggests he can do with someone with her skills, though I am not exactly sure what those skills are, especially since she had slept her way into the Hamptons society.  Anyway, Conrad decides she can help in his bid for public office, though the fact that she has as many skeletons in her closet as he does apparently escaped him.  And so, Ashley is back.

Charlotte/Amanda and Conrad
Being the daughter of a master manipulator, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) has always been able to play her “daddy’s little girl card” on her father, Conrad, even though DNA tests have proven that Conrad isn’t her father.  With Jack (Nick Wechsler) behind bars after a drug bust in his tavern that went awry, Amanda (Margarita Levieva) convinces Charlotte that her parents have the power to get Jack out of jail.  Charlotte doesn’t exactly get her way, but thankfully Ashley sees an opportunity to use bailing Jack out as a nice platform for Conrad’s campaign to fight corruption in Montauk police department.

Emily/Aiden vs Helen or Emily vs Aiden vs Helen?
Faking kidnappings is just another day in the Hamptons.  Aiden and Helen are kidnapped by Emily wearing a ski mask and a voice-changer, then hooded Aiden manages to flip his way out of his bonds and has a fake fight with their kidnappers, shooting dead the assailant in the process.  Helen, of course, doesn’t get a chance to find out who their kidnapper is because another masked figure (aka Nolan playing shoot’em up) arrives.  And then it all turns out it was a fake-out, but doesn’t stop Emily and Nolan from questioning whether Aiden is hedging his bets between Emily and the Initiative – whatever it takes to get his sister back.

Padma and Nolan
In my opinion, anyone who comes in contact with Nolan needs to be closely vetted before they’re allowed to come close to him.  Since her rapid elevation from bespectacled financial nerd to Nolcorp CFO to Nolan’s bedside partner, Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) has somehow gained Nolan’s complete trust.  With the return of Nolan’s former lover and CFO, Marco (EJ Bonilla), Padma disappeared briefly, only to return now, begging for him to take her back.  Never suspecting anything, Nolan more than happily offered her a job back.  In the cliffhanging moment (that confirmed my suspicions from the moment Nolan took Padma into his confidence), it is revealed that Padma is, indeed, a mole for the Initiative and is the one who has been leaking Nolcorp secrets like a sieve to the Graysons while diverting suspicion away from herself and towards Marco.  Poor Marco…

At the end of “Sabotage”, I have these questions:

  • Was anyone else surprised by the big reveal at the end?
  • Do you think Victoria’s cunning smirk deserve its own Golden Globe?
  • Do people in the Hamptons read by a fireplace while wearing shorts in the summer?
  • Is Tetris Nolan’s favorite computer game?
  • Just where was the pocket on Helen Crowley’s wine auction dress where she kept her cell phone that she used to call ‘someone’ after she and Aiden escaped from their mysterious kidnappers?  And why would she still have been allowed to keep her cell phone?
  • Is there more to the Ryan brothers’ (JR Bourne and Michael Trucco) takeover of the Stowaway than the need to avenge their father’s murder?

Written by Valerie Leung.  To discuss these questions and more, follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.