Control freaks like to say “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. Now, typically, you would think that the rich and powerful don’t need to get their hands dirty because they can always pay someone else to do the dirty work for them, but as we have seen, the Graysons are no ordinary people. Conrad Grayson lives by his motto: “win at all costs”, and this means that anyone who gets in his way will die.

Revenge Season 3

Revenge Season 3

Pascale and Victoria – the love game

It is a rarity to ever see Victoria’s lips form anything other than a scowl, usually in Emily’s direction. So, to see her actually smile and look genuinely happy with Pascale is something of an oddity in Grayson Manor. What seemed, at one time, to be a disgusted hatred for Pascale’s very presence, Victoria has changed her tune, especially after he proposed as she pondered over Emily’s next move. It may not have been the most romantic proposal you have ever seen, but it did the trick and Victoria soon found herself the happiest bride-to-be since…well, since Emily was about to walk down the aisle with her son.

Daniel plays both sides

Is Daniel becoming a master manipulator, just like his parents? We have seen him become more and more like a Grayson, and it looks like he is starting to follow his father’s motto, too. After manipulating Margaux into trusting him again by throwing Jack out with the bath water, followed by convincing a naïve Javier into choosing him over Nolan, he is now pitting his parents against each other, proving that his loyalties lie strictly with himself. One minute, he is toasting his mother’s new engagement, the next minute he is running off to tell Daddy that he is going to use his Interpol friend to extradite his stepfather-to-be out of the country. Little did he know what the consequences of his tattle-tale would be. Will Victoria ever be able to trust Daniel again? I’m betting she is wishing her other psycho son, Patrick, was back by her side right now.

Nolan > MyClone

As if there was ever any doubt that Nolan’s declaration of war on Daniel and Margaux would make a splash, he proves that when it comes to being techy, he is the Grand Master. Javier failed to heed the advice of his mentor when he was told that his app wasn’t ready and opted to sell out to a greedy Daniel (thanks again to the meddling Charlotte) and was thus rewarded with a public whipping at his own launch party. MyClone is supposed to tell you what you like, and as it turns out, it is not entirely wrong. Charlotte does like to get high and a refugee-made-good guest was from Sarajevo, but doesn’t exactly want to return to the land where her family was massacred. Daniel should have known by now that no Grayson public party ever goes off without a hitch (and they can’t even blame Ashley for these mishaps anymore).

Agent Rebecca Stone, Homeland Security

What’s the penalty for impersonating a Federal agent? Never mind. If Emily and co. were to ever get arrested and charged with something, I’m sure impersonating a Fed would be somewhere far down the list. In an attempt to thwart Conrad’s blackmailing of Aiden to help him take down Pascale and, at the same time, trying to use Pascale to get Conrad to incriminate himself for his involvement in the bombing of Flight 197, Aiden kidnaps Pascale and takes him to an interrogation room where Emily presents herself as Agent Rebecca Stone who has been going undercover as Emily Thorne for three years investigating the Graysons for everything from money laundering to murder and terrorism. Pascale doesn’t flinch at Emily’s interrogation but when she shows him the evidence she has on him, he agrees to help her get Conrad but refuses to betray Victoria.

And they lived happily never after

Poor Victoria – just when she thought she had found happiness at last, Conrad goes and throws her fiancé into the rotary blades of his private chopper right on the rooftop at her son’s party. Did we see it coming? Emily saw it happen and even she was horrified by what she witnessed, not that she is going to tell the police about it. Sadly, the one person who didn’t see it coming was Pascale himself, who had his back turned to the chopper when Conrad casually pushes him backwards. Thankfully, we were spared the sight of what may have remained of Pascale’s body, otherwise we might have mistaken this show for that show about zombies on another network that is currently on hiatus. Suspecting something was going on between Conrad and Pascale, Victoria tried to follow them up to the roof but was too late to stop her ex-husband, or to actually bear witness to the crime. Goodbye Pascale, rest in peace.

Who is Kurt Renner?

In case anyone has forgotten about Charlotte Grayson actually being Charlotte Clarke (and she changed her name when she turned 18), someone is sending her anonymous letters as if he is David Clarke. Somehow, Charlotte recognizes the handwriting as being David’s, based on his old journals which Amanda had once shown her a long time ago. She shows the letter to Victoria, unsure whether it is a sick joke or whether David is actually still alive. I have to admit, with all the you-are-never-dead-unless-you-bury-the-body-with-your-own-hands scenarios, it is actually plausible that David is alive and in hiding somewhere (though I hope not or I will feel cheated for wanting Emily to get her revenge).

After Victoria dismisses Charlotte’s theory, she goes to Jack with the letter. As Emily is indisposed (too busy pretending to be a Homeland Security agent), Jack goes to Nolan for help to track down the origin of the letter. Apparently a digital stamp speaks volumes and Nolan easily tracks the sender to a remote cabin in the woods occupied by someone named Kurt Renner. When Jack and Charlotte arrive at the cabin, they find it empty although, rather handily, the table is strewn with books and newspaper clippings about David Clarke and the Flight 197 trial. As the pair prepares to leave the house, Jack spots a ring, embossed with the letters “DC”, and steals it. While Jack and Charlotte leave by the front door, a man enters by the back door.

Finding nothing of substance, Charlotte is moping about on the beach alone, and is then dragged off by a mysterious masked man. Could it be Renner? Is he real? Who is he working for? Why is he trying to pretend to be David Clarke? Is David actually still alive?

We are getting closer to the season finale. Will these answers reveal themselves?

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Photo: ABC. Written by Valerie Leung. Share your Revenge theories with her on Twitter (@valshopaholic) and read her blog