Only Revenge on ABC could make a marriage proposal seem like the B storyline in an episode. But such was the case in “Commitment.”

Revenge Review ‘Commitment’

How about that proposal?

Well, it was very heavily planned out. A semblance of romance was there, in proposing in the spot they met… but don’t you get the feeling that Jack/Emily is the end-game and that Jack would have a proposal that felt a million times more real and heartfelt? Well, I do. The proposal was nice, but sometimes grand gestures seem so big that they hardly seem real. Emily’s ring is pretty big, square cut diamond if I’m not mistaken.

Sister, Sister

Apparently it’s not just a TV show with the Mowry twins. Charlotte and the real Amanda are related! I’m unsure why Conrad sent Charlotte back to her Mother’s. Is it because he can’t stand to look at her now? That poor girl. At least we know why Victoria hates her so much.

An Implied Lie

Victoria didn’t have to use the word “rape” when talking to Daniel, both he and the audience understood it. It’s pretty low that she’d do that, but on the other hand it makes sense in every way. And it was a nice storyline twist to keep Emily from pulling out of the engagement. Victoria has to pay.

Fauxamanda Clarke

She didn’t even realize how badly she was being played by Emily! Damn. One of the highlights of the episode was seeing her stand up to Victoria. Of course, Victoria had the upper hand in collecting her DNA.

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