The highlights of Revenge “Justice.”

Having the jury pictures all pinned up in the Grayson’s house reminds me of that one John Cusack movie.
I guess to be smart in a trial, you have to be aware of who the jury is.

Ashley did her job as a spin crowd member and employee of the Graysons. (Parks and Recs this week will have more about spin crowd stuff, whee!)
But man, she is so harsh against Declan and Jack.

I love when Nolan says he’s going to “make some calls” to Jack, and then he just calls Emily.
She’s the only one he needs to call! She’s all four of those Ghostbusters all in one. (Were there four?)

Seeing how manipulative and lost poor Charlotte has become.
Bribing the maid, and everything! Still, it’s nice to see she is her Mother’s daughter. And I bet Christa B. Allen enjoys playing to the dark side sometimes!

Emily lying to Victoria was great.
Confiding in her helps Victoria trust Emily. It’s a masterful plot.

Victoria’s friend (James Purefoy) left that one painting for her.
If you’re sentimental, it’s enough to make you tear up a bit.

And that final bombshell. The Grayson’s actually murdered David Clarke in jail.