When Amanda Clarke (Margarita Levieva) died after the boat explosion, I thought I couldn’t shed more tears than at that moment as she died in Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) arms. I was wrong. I wished someone had warned me to have my hanky – no, hankies – ready for how many more tears I would soon be shedding.


Revenge Recap – “Retribution”

Emily – shaken, not stirred
It hardly seems real that Amanda Clarke is really gone. Her death takes a heavy toll on Emily who is not just heart-broken, but angry that one of the few people she has ever loved is dead. As Nolan (Gabriel Mann) tries to convince her to slow down and take a breath before she makes her next move, she is washing Amanda’s blood off her shaking hands. When she pulls Amanda’s necklace out of her jeans pocket, she opens up the locket to find a picture of baby Carl on one side of the locket, and a photo of her and Amanda from their juvie days on the other. This seems to make Emily even more determined to seek retribution for the murder of the girl who was more a sister to her than just a juvie cell-mate.

The Graysons’ new relationship with The Initiative
Having planted evidence to frame Amanda for Helen Crowley’s sudden disappearance, Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) try to push the knife further into Amanda’s back (before they knew she was dead), explaining away the attempted murder of Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda’s disappearance by blaming Nate Ryan’s extortion attempt for everything. There is just one loose end – they need to find out just how much Jack knows about the computer with all the evidence against them.

Ashley in denial
Social-climber Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), confronts Conrad about Amanda’s death (news travels lightning fast in the Hamptons once her body is found by the Coast Guard), accusing him of using his gubernatorial announcement at the party as his alibi at the time of Amanda’s death (by the way, how much does Ashley love saying the word “gubernatorial”?) Not to be outdone, Conrad reminds her that she is just as responsible for Amanda’s death as he is given she is the architect of the deal proposed by Nate, plus the fact that she knows about the computer that Amanda was blackmailing him with. She brushes away at the suggestion, saying that she had nothing against Amanda. Legally speaking, I daresay, knowing all these facts that ultimately led to the murder of someone would make her an accessory after the fact (or something…I may have watched a few too many legal dramas).

Nolan = Life’s pawn
I’m guessing when Nolan first pushed his way into Emily’s revengenda, he had no idea just how deep he was going to get himself into. Now, with his heart telling him to help girlfriend Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) save her father, who has been kidnapped by the Initiative, and his head telling him that finishing his Carrion program would put a cyber nuclear bomb into the hands of terrorists, he finds himself in a precarious situation – waiting for someone to manipulate him to the next move. Even Daniel (Josh Bowman) seems to have developed a crisis of conscience, telling him that if he finishes Carrion, he would break his “digital kneecaps”. In the end, Nolan shows he is human, like the rest of us, choosing his heart over his head. Will Padma do the right thing for the world by destroying the program, or will she do the right thing for her family by giving the program to the Initiative. And even if the bad guys get the program, will they really release her father? Oh how Nolan wishes he could just press Ctrl+Alt+Del to make all his troubles go away.

Jack – the speedy healer
Jack seems to have special healing powers – in fact, I think he managed to recover from being shot faster than when he suffered a beating back in season one. That aside, he wakes up from his surgery to find brother Declan (Connor Paolo) and Emily by his side, only to be told that his new wife, his soulmate, is dead. With impeccable timing, Conrad arrives to offer his condolences. Somehow, between being anesthetized (and unconscious) for his surgery and waking up to the news of his wife’s death, Jack also manages to find out that Conrad is paying all his hospital bills. Suddenly they are best pals. Conrad apologizes for being used by Nate that resulted in Amanda’s death while Jack believes Nate killed Amanda to avenge his own father’s death, which Jack thought was his own father’s doing. Conrad is relieved that Jack suspects nothing – but that is not all of it.

The computer
After Conrad leaves, Jack tells Emily and Nolan all the stuff Amanda told him before she died – that she had come back to the Hamptons to seek revenge for her father’s death; that the Graysons had framed her father and that they killed her because she had a laptop with evidence against the Graysons. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where Amanda hid it. Jack is angry at all the lies Amanda told him but Emily assures him that Amanda’s love for him was very real. This does not entirely convince Jack and he angrily throws the jar of blue pebbles he and Amanda had collected when they were children that sits by his bedside on the ground, shattering the jar to reveal…a locker key hidden amongst the pebbles. And yes, the computer is in the locker – but Jack can’t figure out the password. Before he gets a chance to figure it out, Aiden (Barry Sloane) breaks into the Stowaway and steals it back for Emily.

Victoria weasels back into Charlotte’s good graces, but what about Daniel’s?
Taking advantage of Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) vulnerability after Amanda’s death, Victoria tries to be her shoulder to cry on and be the comforting mother. Deep in her heart, she is, surely, grateful that David Clarke’s daughter is dead and buried. But is she going to be able to win Daniel’s heart (and his trust) back? After all, it’s a tough call when he has seen her cold-hearted disposal of Helen Crowley after murdering her in their pool house. Victoria tries to convince him that he needs her help to get rid of the Initiative, but he is proving he can do it on his own, starting with getting rid of the clock in his office with the hidden camera planted there by Helen. Tick-tock, bye bye clock!

Amanda’s past comes back to haunt Emily
Charlotte, upset at having to identify the body of her half-sister, tries to find people to attend Amanda’s funeral. She can’t find her birth mother and the foster care system won’t release the details of her foster family without a court order. How lucky it is, then, that Charlotte has the internet at her fingertips, and voila! Charlotte finds a newspaper picture of young Amanda with her foster siblings along with their names and a quick internet search helps her find Eli James (Collins Pennie) with a few simple keystrokes. He misses the funeral, but finds Emily crying at her graveside on a rainy night. Will he figure out that Emily is the real Amanda?

How will Jack’s relationship with Emily change?
It turns out Amanda was a sentimental soul. She kept letters that shows she and Emily were like sisters when they were in juvie together. Jack finds these letters in the same duffle bag where Amanda had hidden the computer. He confronts Emily about hiding the whole truth from him – accuses her of knowing Amanda’s motives for returning to the Hamptons, knowing how dangerous her mission for revenge would be but not stopping her. He is even angrier at Emily now but she gives a most moving eulogy at Amanda’s funeral that had me sobbing throughout her speech. Will Jack ever figure out that Emily is the real Amanda? Will he ever forgive her for hiding the truth?

Emily getting back on track
When Aiden retrieves the computer and gives it back to Emily, you would think she’d be happy. But she throws it into the ocean. She tells Aiden it’s time to get back to basics. The evidence on the laptop clouded her judgement. She has extra reason to take down the Graysons and the Initiative now. All the take-downs of the past, the red magic marker crossing out all the participants in the conspiracy that took her father’s life are in the past. Emily is now determined, more than ever, to focus her attention on the Graysons and their evil ways. I hope Jack will be on (and by) her side.

Written by Valerie Leung. To discuss these questions and more, follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.