Read a live recap of Revenge season 2 episode 2 “Resurrection” right here! Revenge continued with plenty of manipulation, and an alum from Greek!

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REVENGE – “Resurrection” – on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/VIVIAN ZINK)

The one INXS song that destroys me (destrooooys – oh young love!) opened this episode, along with us seeing Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily’s Mama. Pretty flashback!

“Daddy said you were sick.” – Young Emily
“I’m all better now that I’m with you.”

joshua bowman

And of course Emily (Emily VanCamp) almost chokes out Nolan (Gabriel Mann.) I love their buddy comedy sleepover antics! Something tells me that he’s not gonna try freezing her bra as a prank…

“He’s not gonna kill me.” – Emily
“Oh, really, did he pinky swear?” – Nolan

christa b allenI’m really glad that Emily is going to help Charlotte.

Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) plays tennis? With the perfect tennis outfit? I have to admit that I want a cute tennis outfit like that.

Go Quest Go is the search engine? That makes me laugh.

I love that Emily called Daniel (Joshua Bowman) to help out Charlotte (Christa Be Allen.)

Cliffside Home: Addiction Recovery Center

“What now, Revenger?” – Nolan

I wanna sail out to Crescent Beach! That reminds me of (and I know this is weird) when Joey Potter sailed out somewhere on Dawson’s Creek. I just want little islands and sail boats and stuff… *kicks sand*

Nolan Ross is adorable on the webcam. And oh, oh, the actress from Greek on ABC Family! Now she works for NOLOCORP. Dilshad Vadsaria! (Rebecca Logan!) Her new character is Padma Lahari. (Oh, and she was in the great Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg buddy comedy called “30 Minutes or Less.”)

“You’re not wearing pants.” – Emily

Doing an interview with Katie Couric, sans pants? Totally fine.

Victoria watch = monster movie marathon.

“He doesn’t keep secrets from me.” – Amanda
“I forgot, that’s your role in the relationship.” – Emily

Don’t trust her – she wants to know the lab to fix the results, Amanda!

Ashley is basically saying “I was trying to distract him with sex, but he’s really more interested in how you’re screwing him!” Damn.

christa b allen

Yay, Daniel is going to help Char Char! …But Charlotte can’t believe Daniel. Sigh. Oh, but Emily is there! Nice timing.

“We really hit the godmother jackpot, didn’t we?” – Amanda, not realizing how wrong she is.

It’s a tiny bit flimsy, but having Emily show Amanda’s pregnant and then prime Charlotte not to expect Victoria to care about money… that was smart. Emily couldn’t count  on it working, but it was a nice try.

“Is Victoria’s heart still beating?” – Emily

“Tragic, Victoria pushing Charlotte away to save her.” – Nolan

“You look different in 3D.” – Nolan

Gabriel, I love your accent!

“Could you turn around? I need to put some pants on.” – Nolan, being a classy MFer!

The White Haired Man (James Morrison) has a creepy moniker.

Mr. Grayson is really … a jerk. Blaming Daniel for not giving him his trust, and then he wouldn’t have had to trap Charlotte to steal hers.

Victoria surfacing already? Okay, let’s do this, Stowe!

“The only devil here is you.” – Victoria

The Grayson’s are finally starting their own Fight Club!

“No matter how impressive the resume, none of them get the job because none of them are me.” – Nolan

“But you’re driven. I mean, you drove all the way out here to Long Island.” – Nolan

“I want a partner…that I can control.” – Nolan

I am REALLY on board with Nolan and Padma! Noma? Padlan? They are so cute together.emily thorne

So, the rest results say that the baby is Jack’s. Huh. I feel suspicious. This is a byproduct of watching so much Revenge… Oh, oh! So, even if the baby is his, Emily is telling Amanda it isn’t. THAT IS SO MUCH EMOTIONAL PAIN FOR A PREGNANT WOMAN, EVEN IF SHE IS CRAY CRAY. Michael Buckley tweeted this astute thought, “Jack is so dumb! He is Finn Hudson dumb!” God, Finn Hudson IS dumb.

We have to believe that it’s possible that it is Jack’s baby and Emily is lying, btdubs. It’s not like she’s never lied before, ahem.

As soon as the guy knows the baby is yours, he can then be your slave. Although everyone knows Popsicle’s are pretty gross. Unless it’s made with real fruit… I’m pretty picky.

If Charlotte is moving in with Emily, then does Nolan have to move out? Of will this be Revenge: Three’s Company?

I wonder if Charlotte is having trouble not telling Daniel about their Mom not being a ghost haunting them all.

Hi, Ashley, could you be any more cold towards Charlotte? Roar.

A subtle look to the clam cam!

“Son of a bitch.” – Emily Thorne

The Grayson’s have a twisted marriage.

I wonder if Victoria is going to approve of Daniel dating Ashley… will she see Ashley as a younger version of her, or will she hate her as much as she hated Emily? No one is good enough for prince Daniel, you know! (Except that Daniel is such a dope that even his looks might not save him.)

“I know you must think that my families crazy…” – Charlotte, speaking the truth, which is not something the Grayson’s like to do.

white haired man revenge

They all clearly have soooooo much crazy to keep doing. Naive viewers, beware. Revenge season 2 is moving crazy fast, ya’ll. Boom, boom, boom! (I am not trying to channel the Black Eyed Peas, no matter what that sounds like.)

“Tragedy has a way of bringing people back together.” – Emily

“You’ve been a great friend to the family,” is a highly ironic thing for Daniel to say to Emily.

White Haired Man is going to have an alley in Emily, oooh. Twist! Let’s do the twist… that dance move thingy…yea! I dunno. I had too much sugar.

“In my defense, there is no way anyone could see that coming.” – Nolan Ross Quotes (ABC is going to use that pull clip for promos later on, I’m certain.)

Ems did lie.

“I don’t care where you go tonight, but you can stay here.” Emily is cold-blooded. Hissssssss.

Jack’s hair is … swooped. Like a cartoon character’s. And I can feel the resistance moving against this swoop.

“Looks like the bitch is back.” – Amanda Clark

Victoria Grayson is dressed like an horse rider. That tickles me.

“For those who believe in the resurrection, death is inconsequential.” – Emily

Thank God for…nope, I don’t know who that is. Should I?! White Haired Man is dead. Or at least maimed!

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