Victoria grows impatient, and Daniel gets sloppy…it’s all in this recap of Revenge Season 3, Episode 7 – “Resurgence.”

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Revenge Season 3, Episode 7 “Resurgence” Recap

Here’s what happened, character by character…

Jack couldn’t get “intimate” with Margaux (Karine Vanasse aka that girl from the canceled Pan Am series with Christina Ricci) until he symbolically took off his wedding ring. Then, the pair were able to symbolically kiss as fireworks went off in the background. Yes, it’s the Fourth of July on Revenge, mazel. Because Jack is a delicate flower, Margaux takes it slow and tells him they don’t have to rush. This gives us an excuse to see a shirtless Nick Wechsler take control of his destiny!

Daniel ditched his fiance to sit on the beach with his ex-girlfriend. The same one who’s making his wedding cake. So, that’s not weird and awkward at all. Not even when they almost kissed. Sadly, none of us could give a flutter about Margaux, since we all know she’s only here for a small alottment of time until Jack is torn over his love for Emily once again.

Victoria pretends she’s still relevant and powerful, and kicks Aidan to the curb. She also decides to embrace Daniel’s ex-girlfriend as a means to eliminate Emily. All needy and desperate for any straws? That can’t be Victoria’s best color.

When not wearing electric yellow pants, the rare Nolan creature enjoys scheming with his BFF, and tricking people with Google Glass glasses. (Or whatever you’d call the knockoff version.)

Ana Ortiz came in as PR maven, Bizzy Preston. Thankfully, the show isn’t getting rid of her just yet. She’s one of the best things about this episode. Plus, her name was carefully chosen for the maximum amount of pun usage per episode.

Emily and Aidan kissed to remind us that they are still “in love.” Whatever that means. Later, Emily saw that Daniel almost kissed his ex, proving that even the most unobservant and moronic of fiance’s will eventually lose interest if given no attention.

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