Here are ten things we learned from the Revenge episode “Grief” on ABC.

“Grief is a life sentence without clemency”

Psychologists say there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance.  We saw last week that, upon hearing of her father’s death in prison, Emily was in denial for six months.  Once she read his journals and found the truth, she became angry and began her path of revenge.  One can only imagine her “bargaining” stage involved her training to become the revenge diva that she is now.  There is no depression when she is never going to accept – or forgive the people involved in her father’s death.

Daniel is truly a chip off the old block

When Daniel made the choice to take his father’s side after finding out the whole truth about his parents’ involvement in framing David Clarke, we knew the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  The seemingly-innocent eldest son of Conrad and Victoria is quickly showing that he is capable of much darker and sinister things.  He has “a plan” for Jack to ensure he keeps quiet about what he knows of Lee Moran being framed for Tyler’s murder.  We find out later that Daniel offered Jack a one million dollar check to keep quiet – “for Emily”.  Seems bribing the Porter boys is a family trait (remember when Victoria tried to bribe Declan to stop seeing Charlotte way back when?)

Hollowed out books with a hidden camera: Big Brother Is Watching

First of all, how classy is it that Emily has a bookshelf in her bedroom?  Second of all, choosing an Orwell biography to be her hiding place for the camcorder is pure genius – anyone else read “1984”? Big brother IS watching you!

Victoria has learned a lesson

After having her safe broken into before, Victoria now has a new safe with a thumbprint verification security pad.  But seriously, anyone who has seen Mission: Impossible or any spy show can tell you that is not fool-proof.  I wonder if Emily will try breaking into that next?

Slinky sexy lingerie > sexy red dress

Sorry Victoria, when it comes to seducing a man, swimsuit model wearing sexy lingerie trumps slinky red dress.  Now that we know Conrad’s affair with Lydia has been going on for over ten years, I am impressed that it wasn’t just a roll-in-the-hay and it just might be true love for them after all.  Could they really be walking down the aisle soon?  Maybe the next Grayson wedding will be theirs and not Daniel’s and Emily’s?  Perhaps Ashley will still get her chance to plan a Grayson wedding after all?

Secret hiding places abound

Start looking behind every door, under every floorboard, and now we know to also look behind giant forged paintings and under the stairwell for good hiding places.  Oh wait, isn’t that the first place to look?  I suppose a case full of evidence is a bit big to hide in a freezer, although for the rich, I’m sure their freezers are as big as the industrial-sized ones you find in restaurants.

Don’t underestimate Nolan going undercover

No double popped collars or, indeed, Christmas sweaters, for Nolan this week.  He has been given a mission to follow White Haired Man to find out where he lives and to give Emily the address so that she can go and kill him.  Still trying to protect Emily, Nolan says this: “You may be a lot of things: black belt in karate, impeccable dresser and certifiable sociopath.  But you’re not a killer.”  Apparently even Nolan knew Emily could very well be a killer, so he knocked on the White Haired Man’s door, disguised as a cable guy, complete with beanie and a moustache, and hacks into the killer’s cable to monitor his house.  I guess Shamu-cam was taking a break this week?

Family therapy is a fun game

“It’s a game of ‘I need…I want” as Daniel informed his father when they gathered in the Grayson Manor for a family therapy session with Charlotte’s drug addiction counsellor, Dr Clements.  Obviously this dude had never heard about the Graysons’ history.  They take dysfunction to a whole new level.

Sammy the Immortal Dog is not immortal after all

At the start of the episode, we watched on as Emily stood over a freshly-dug grave, crying.  Sammy’s time had come.  He used up his last breaths to trod from the Stowaway to Emily’s porch.  Jack and Emily cried on each other’s shoulders as they said goodbye to their beloved dog – Jack not realizing that Sammy had led him back to the REAL Amanda but finally recognizing that since their “first” meeting in the park at the start of the summer, Sammy had been leading him to her.  And finally, his death brought about their first kiss.  I cried buckets.  But just as we’re quietly rejoicing that this long-awaited kiss happened, we find Ashley looking through the door and seeing what will no doubt add to her arsenal of blackmail material to ruin Daniel’s and Emily’s relationship.

White Haired Man’s Clocks Are Never Out of Time

We all wanted to congratulate Nolan on a job exceptionally well done, going undercover and stepping inside the home of a known killer.  But just as we were still busy congratulating him, BAM!  I’ll admit now, I did utter a four-letter word that begins with an “f” in that moment.  All I can say is: forget about #OccupyDaniel.  It’s time to #SaveNolan.

Don’t forget next week is the Revenge season finale…will there be another death to mourn?  Will Emily save Nolan?  Will Daniel find out about “the kiss”?  Will Charlotte’s drug addiction lead to a bad ending?

Written by Valerie Leung