“Collusion” is an agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive.

There is not much that goes on in the Hamptons where the Graysons are concerned that is not illegal. Alliances are formed for the sake of self-preservation or revenge. But when those alliances no longer serve their purpose, your allies can quickly become your enemy. As the saying goes, be careful who you go to bed with.

In “Collusion”, those alliances begin to fall like dominoes.

Victoria and Emily
The alliance between Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) is perhaps the most transparent of all. Victoria has always made it known that she did not approve of Emily who almost became her daughter-in-law. When they walk arm-in-arm and drinking tea together, each knows the other is using her to achieve their own goal. For Victoria, it is to use Emily as her spy to control her son, Daniel (Josh Bowman). For Emily, it is to gain Daniel’s trust again to work against The Initiative. When Emily ends up working against Victoria’s plan to use Jason Prosser (Dylan Walsh) to win a deal ahead of Daniel, it is no surprise that Victoria is one very upset socialite.

Emily and Aiden
Ever since Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson) hinted to Aiden (Barry Sloane) that his long-lost sister is still alive, he has been a questionable ally to Emily. He may really love her, but he has spent ten years looking for his sister and now, when presented with the choice between saving his sister and killing Victoria, his decision seems obvious. Until Emily thwarts his plan and his sister ends up dead (or so it appears). So now, instead of worrying that Aiden may switch sides, Emily knows for sure he no longer has her back.

Conrad/Ashley and Jack/Amanda
Motherhood has certainly changed Amanda (Margarita Levieva) – the once-wild child who seemed so unstable that you could never be sure whether she was going to stab you in the front or the back for the sake of preserving her idea of family. Now she seems to be the only voice of reason amidst the madness. Conrad (Henry Czerny) with his newly-appointed Communications Director, Ashley (Ashley Medekwe), see the case against Jack (Nick Wechsler) as the perfect platform for his bid to win public office. Conrad even goes so far as to make sure all charges against Jack are dropped and even buy out the Ryan brothers’ (JR Bourne and Michael Trucco) share in the Stowaway Tavern. Unfortunately for the Porter brothers, including young Declan (Connor Paolo), the potential for big money working in partnership with the Ryans appear to outweigh buying public votes. A Grayson-Ryan partnership could become very interesting indeed.

Nolan and Padma

We already know Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) cannot be trusted. And now Nolan (Gabriel Mann) knows, too. He declares to her that she is perfect after admitting that he wants to share his life and prospective new house with her. And then – boom! – he finds out that she is only interested in him for one thing, and that is his secret “cyber plutonium” program, Carrion. Nolan should know that nobody is perfect. But what to do with knowing the love of your life is about to betray you? “Play her like she played you,” is the advice from Emily.

There’s more…

Lunch in a different timezone thanks to private jets is nothing unusual for Hamptonites, especially when you are using trying to close a deal as an excuse to win back your ex-fiancée. Such is the romance between Daniel and Emily. But wait…there is no such thing as a coincidence when Mommy Dearest turns up at the same hotel they are staying in, which also happens to be the hotel Jason Prosser is staying in. And if you turn around, you’ll find Aiden – who isn’t there because he is jealous of Daniel but to kill Victoria. And while at the reception desk, you will also find Aiden sidling up to a horny Jason, dropping not-so-subtle hints that he should avoid the Stonehaven deal that Daniel is trying to close.

And here’s the biggest bombshell of the evening. Reformed poor little rich girl, Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen) has finally turned 18. And her first decision as an adult is to legally change her last name to Clarke – the name of her biological father. Ouch! And in the background, Emily – her real half-sister – could not be prouder. Happy birthday Charlotte!

By the way, welcome back Shamu-cam!

Written by Valerie Leung. To discuss these questions and more, follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.