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ana ortiz revenge

Photo Credit: (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Revenge Quotes – ABC

“If you don’t mind, get the hell out of my house.” – Victoria Grayson Quotes

“Ah, you and Vicki. Besties. That kind of runs counter to your master plan of framing her for murder, no?” – Nolan

“I just buried the pain of what happened with my father, but because of you I’m not just facing it. I’m doing something. I’ve learned a lot from you, Ems.” – Nolan Revenge Quotes

“I got excited.” – Nolan Ross, about hacking

“You sure you’re up for it, Grandpa?” Emily
“I’m not getting older…wiser.” – Nolan

“I wore this for one night as a married man, and I’ve worn it ever since to honor you, maybe subconsciously to convince people that I had someone to share my days with, and my nights. But I don’t anymore. It’s time for me to try to move on. I miss you with all my heart.” – Jack

“Conrad? What’s he pitching, a book of lies?” – Nick
“Probably.” – Margaux

“Can you believe the Grayson’s are trending?” – Bizzy

“Bizzy will be anything but for a while.” – Nolan

“I’m sure there’s a story in you no one expects. You just need the guts to tell it.” – Margaux

“Guess my take down’s have a silver lining, huh? – Nolan Ross Quotes

“It was kind of fun being your wingman.” – Emily Quotes from Revenge
“I taught you well, grasshopper.” – Nolan

“Growing up, my father said the ocean was a great escape. As time passed, I also learned that its great expanse holds greater secrets and the ability to hold mine. And that like love, it is at its heart fluid, powerful, and sometimes violent. But in its harshest reality, the ocean is a barrier separating you from those you love.” – Emily Thorne Quotes