Revenge (ABC) show quotes below with extra snarky commentary!

“One thing you can count on, I never forget.” – Emily Thorne Quotes

Wouldn’t it be a cool premise for Revenge season 2 if she got amnesia, though?

“If you let your emotions guide you, you will fail.” – Master Satoshi Takeda

What do you think?Are emotions something that give you strength or something that ultimately blind you?

“Aw, is somebody jealous?” – Fauxmanda to Nolan

Nolan really does love being part of the missions, and when he’s left out he gets pouty.

“You’ve sabotaged our alliance because you fell for a hooker.” – Emily Thorne Quotes

Ouch, Emily! It may be true, but can we not?

The above Revenge ABC Show Quote are from the season 1 episode “Loyalty” (of which is not running rampant in the Hamptons.)

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