It’s a new year and it’s time for the red Sharpie to return (hallelujah!).  This also means there is some serious revenging to be done.  You know life is back to normal in the Hamptons when the cunning and manipulative smiles from Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) return.

Gasp! Photo Credit: ABC

Revenge “Power” Recap

Let’s take a look at what the bad guys have been up to who deserve the infamous red marker.

Helen Crowley and The Initiative
Represented by Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson), the Initiative takes manipulation to a new level.  Now that Conrad (Henry Czerny) has lost control of his company to his son, Daniel (Josh Bowman), Helen switches gear from threatening Conrad to using Daniel to get what they want – and what they want remains a mystery.   It seems the Initiative has a very long reach as well – it seems Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) sister, who is long-thought to be dead, may not be dead after all, though why the Initiative believed her to be valuable is also a mystery, but now they have the upper hand on not just the Graysons, but perhaps Aiden as well.

The Ryan brothers
After literally buying their way into the Stowaway under suspicious circumstances, Declan (Connor Paolo) discovers Kenny (JR Bourne) and his little brother, Nate (Michael Trucco), have been using their bar to traffic drugs, hiding it in sacks of coffee beans.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) packs wife-to-be, Amanda (Margarita Levieva), and baby Carl off to stay with Emily while he calls an old buddy who is now a cop, to bust the Ryans.  Unfortunately for Jack, the Ryans are way too smart for that and they move the drugs to the Amanda – the boat – where Declan has been living since Amanda – the girl – moved into the Stowaway.  Even worse, not only did the cops find the drugs, they also found the gun that had been used to kill the Ryans’ father years ago.  In order to protect Declan, Jack declares both the drugs and the gun are his and is carted off to the big house.

Patricia and Judge Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes (Geoff Pierson) was the presiding judge in David Clarke’s trial.  His wife, Patricia (Clare Carey) heads up the Liberty Project which supports convicted felons and their appeals.  After David’s conviction, he received an anonymous letter stating that Barnes had handed down a sentence knowing he had a tainted jury.  Emily believed the letter was written by Barnes’ former court clerk, James Palmer, who died in an accident three days after the letter was sent.  Turns out it was Patricia who had written that letter, and even more revealing was that the well-respected judge who is being nominated for the Supreme Court, is a wife beater.

Marco Romero the jilted former lover
Nolcorp’s former CFO, Marco (EJ Bonilla), is trying to get back into Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) good books – and his pants! – by cozying up to his former boss.  Nolan is not impressed by the attention or the gifts, reminding Marco that he had had his chance and in the end, chose to be on Daniel’s side by betraying him.  But it seems there is a broader agenda here as Marco offers him a copy of his old program, one which Nolan calls “cyber plutonium”.  Just exactly what does Marco want?  Is he working for the Initiative?

Daniel Grayson
Ever since Daniel and Emily broke up, the reformed bad boy of the Hamptons has become more and more like his parents, moving from wanting to have a different life to his duplicitous lineage to ending up overtaking them in his aspirations to rule the world.  As smart as Daniel thinks he is, unfortunately he has been looking for a fool than ever, easily manipulated by everyone around him, most recently by former girlfriend, Ashley (Ashley Medekwe), and now by Helen, who drops some not-so-subtle hints that there are even more hidden and richer assets in Grayson Global than Nolcorp, and then telling him that Nolcorp itself has secrets that are very damaging.  So this pawn in the game is unknowingly acting on what everyone else wants him to do.  Poor Daniel.

Victoria Grayson  
As hard as Victoria worked to break up the relationship between Daniel and Emily the previous summer, she is also smart enough to know that Emily is the key to manipulating her son, knowing that he still holds a torch for her.  She invites Emily over for tea and suggests that Daniel has changed for the worse since their break-up, and that with her help, Daniel could become the man he aspired to be when they were together.  Of course, Victoria just wants Daniel to resign his job as CEO to get the Initiative off his back, but, as it turns out, her plans happen to gel with Emily’s to get back on the inside to continue her take-downs.  And it worked.

Aiden Mathis
Aiden may have real feelings for Emily, but his motives to help her were always driven by his own plans for revenge for his sister’s death.  Now that he knows his sister is still alive, and with his “fake-up” with Emily looking more like a “break-up” (after all, how many times can he stand there in the shadows watching his girlfriend make out with the enemy before he admits he can’t take it anymore?), is he going to go behind Emily’s back and be another pawn in the Initiative’s game?

Final thoughts
Before I leave you for another week, I have to point out my favorite Nolan quotes of the week:
Nolan to Emily when he heard about her break-up with “Remington Steele”: “There’s not enough room in your sidecar for the both of us.”

Nolan to Aiden about his plan to cozy up to Daniel for mutual consolation at being dumped by the same girl: “Bros before hos only works if he’s not still in love with the ho, bro.”

Written by Valerie Leung.  Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic to share your Revenge theories!