“Perception” airing Wednesday February 8th on ABC, will deliver Grandpa Grayson to the scene (played by guest star William Devane.) And the Revenge “Perception” synopsis indicates that Charlotte and Emily may learn about their linked DNA.


Revenge “Perception” Summary / Synopsis

In an atmosphere of nervous excitement for Emily & Daniel’s upcoming engagement party, things quickly start to unravel. Victoria tries to regain the upper hand by using Conrad’s own father against him. Jack finds himself wandering deeper into the fray.

The rug gets pulled out from under Charlotte, and even more so for Emily. Guest stars William Devane as Grandma Grayson.

Written by Nikki Toscano & Sallie Patrick
Directed by Tim Hunter

Revenge Pictures “Perception”
Photo Credit: ABC, Colleen Hayes

Charlotte looks happy, but how long can that last?

Emily and Daniel also look happy. And we already know how well that goes by the end of the summer.

emily thorne

Emily Thorne is a master of wearing cream, white, and off-white dresses. For a character so intense and full of rage, her wardrobe is devoid of passion. Here, she fastened some old fish netting and cheese cloth to update her basic LWD (little white dress.)

Good old Jack Porter looks healthy even when he’s sick.


Care to party? Every week? Then go to the Hamptons.


It’s not just the flashbacks that are washed out.