Below are the top ten lessons in Revenge camp:

Amanda wanted to be Carolyn Bessette
Now that Jack (Nick Wechsler) has promised to make an honest woman of the mother of his child, Amanda (Margarita Levieva) is finally able to start planning the wedding of her dreams.  She admits that as a child, she had wanted to be just like Carolyn Bessette, marrying a Kennedy.  Maybe someone needs to remind her that Carolyn did not have a fairytale ending.  Perhaps this is the first sign of who ends up at the bottom of the harbor in the sunken Amanda that we saw in the season premiere?

Wanted: dead or alive
Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) has sold his soul to The Initiative many times over.  One wonders if there is anything left of him worth keeping him alive for.  It appears that Conrad has been wondering that himself, except for Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) reminder that he is worth more to The Initiative alive than dead – as long as he can continue to hide their coffers in his company.  But with errant son, Daniel (Josh Bowman), starting to show his true colors plotting to overthrow his father to take over Grayson Global, does the Initiative still need Conrad around?

Daniel makes Conrad look saintly
Is it just me or does Daniel look more like Gordon Gekko with each passing day?  His lust for power has completely blinded him to everyone else around him.  He is totally trusting of Aiden (Barry Sloane), despite not knowing a thing about him, simply because Aiden is offering the golden ticket.  He is aware that his girlfriend is so ambitious that she takes the side of whichever Grayson is likely to come out on top in the battle of the Graysons.  Remember when we first met Ashley (Ashley Medekwe), she was at Victoria’s beck and call but quickly switched her allegiance to Conrad when he made her an offer she couldn’t resist?  And now that Daniel is set to take over the company, she is completely on Daniel’s side.

Don’t mess with Nolan’s family
Yes, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) tells Emily (Emily VanCamp) that she is the only family he has ever had.  That was perhaps the most touching moment so far.  When Aiden comes to him asking for proof of David Clarke’s investment in Nolcorp in order to elevate Daniel to head of Grayson Global, a reluctant Nolan quickly changes his mind once Aiden tells him it may be the only way to save Emily.  Right away and with the dramatic breaking of glass, Nolan unveils the original check to Nolan, written by David (shouldn’t the bank have that check if it was cashed?).  Not only does Nolan willingly hand over the fate of his life’s work, he warns Aiden that if he was to ever hurt Emily, he’d make him pay.

Mason connects the dots…sort of…
Having finally joined the dots on the connection between Emily and Amanda (he figured out they had been in juvie together as teens), biographer Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) then makes a giant leap to conclude that the two girls had been lovers, with Emily funding all of Amanda’s surgeries (for scar removal) and the two being joined on the path of revenge against the Graysons.  He even got as far as making the connection between Amanda’s last dance at the strip club and the time of the murder of Frank Stevens, the Graysons’ former head of security, who met with an untimely death because he got too close to the truth.  But just as he is about to suffer the same fate as Frank, Emily stops Amanda from committing another murder, and admits to Mason that she is the real Amanda Clarke!

Penance or revenge?
Emily takes up Mason’s offer to make amends and asks him to give Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) the pocket watch that belonged to Gordon Murphy, believing that it would provide her with the closure she needs to leave the Hamptons and get away from the Graysons.  Unfortunately, Mason decides to do a little more.  Seeing the scars on Kara’s wrist, he quickly realizes that she is suicidal – perhaps he was counting on her to go just that little bit more unhinged and to take her own revenge on the Graysons by telling her the truth about them framing David and putting him in prison.  After all, if the Graysons were to go to jail, or die at Kara’s hands, that would be a neat little end to the misery they put him through when they paid him off to write his book of lies about David Clarke.

The flight recorder
Now that Mason knows the truth about Emily, he is a loose end that she can ill-afford to have wandering the shores of the Hamptons.  With the help of Nolan, the police are soon searching the Treadwell Cottage with a warrant to investigate Gordon’s murder and the conspiracy to frame Conrad.  As if the Revenge board in his study (with a little rearranging, thanks to Nolan’s handiwork) does not make him look guilty enough, they soon find a giant FLIGHT RECORDER in the house (is there an FAA worker out there reading this who can tell me if they really mark the “black box” with large friendly letters explaining what it is?).

The matching silk blindfolds
A totally unhinged Kara holds Conrad and Victoria at gunpoint in their own bedroom as they admit to framing David before telling her that it was Gordon who killed him in prison.  Unfortunately for the Graysons, that little revelation just made Kara madder, but it was too late for Victoria to try and reach for the pearl-handled gun in her purse – Kara had got there first.  As Kara demanded the couple put blindfolds on, the two hold hands, preparing to die at the hands of a madwoman.  Luckily for the Graysons, Aiden and his chloroform comes to the rescue.

Nolan Mitchell Ross hates feet
…but he is willing to touch the feet of the woman he is falling in love with!  And the lucky lady is Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), who simply wanted to kick her heels off and make herself comfy in her boyfriend/boss’ office.  When he returns to his office from his part in revenging to find she had cut her foot on the broken glass from earlier, he asks if she would still want to be with him if he was no longer as she knows him to be (implication being very rich).  She answers correctly – except for his middle name.

Emily makes a deal and gives in to Aiden
The Initiative may be powerful enough to make Conrad sell his soul but it seems Emily’s power of persuasion is even greater.  She makes a deal with Mason that he confesses to all the crimes her father was accused of and imprisoned for, and in exchange, she will confess to everything when her vengeance is done, but most importantly, he will get to write the best-seller he was destined to write – her story.  With that deal done, Emily goes home to find Aiden waiting for her on her porch.  Alas, she can no longer resist the man she had once loved and I gave a little cheer that she is over Jack and Daniel (not an alcoholic beverage).

One more note: Michael Trucco made a guest appearance as Nate Ryan, the younger brother of Kenny who is now part-owner of the Stowaway who also happens to be working very hard at the bar for a man who is supposedly very wealthy.  Kenny’s motives are finally becoming clearer – it seems he and his brother have some history with Jack’s father.  Could there be some revenging going down at the Stowaway?

Written by Valerie Leung.  Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic to share your Revenge theories!