Here are the top quotes from the Revenge season 2 episode “Penance.”

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Penance is a sacrifice. The more grievous the sin, the greater the self-inflicted suffering. For some, the ultimate penance is death. But for others, it simply a means to an end. – Emily Thorne Quotes

“You’re up early, for a writer.” – Emily Thorne

“Oh, THAT Narciso Rodriguez.” – Jack

“It’s my little spot at the end of the world.” – Conrad Grayson

“Why go to the trouble to kill myself when there are so many other’s lining up to do it for me.” – Conrad Grayson Quotes

“I’ll be damned if I let the people write the final word on us.” – Victoria Grayson Quotes

“When the time comes, I say we drag them to hell with us.” – Victoria Grayson

“I am only doing this for Emily because her Father asked me to keep her safe.” – Nolan Ross Quotes

“Choose your family.” – Emily Thorne to Amanda

“So I was right. You really are the brains in this Machiavellian scheme.” – Mason Treadwell

“She’s not Amanda Clarke.” – Emily Thorne

“Words, Mason, are exactly the weapon that you choose.” – Emily Thorne Quotes

“Time to start making amends, Mason.” – Emily

“Would you still want me if I wasn’t Nolan Ross?” – Nolan

“No matter what happens, I’ll always see you as Nolan Algernon Ross.” – Padma
“My middle name’s Mitchell.” – Nolan

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Benedict Clarke.” – Mason Treadwell Quotes

“This is the book that we both know you were destined to write.” – Emily Thorne Quotes


Revenge Season 2 Episode 7 | Revenge “Penance” quotes | This episode was written by Elle Triedman and created by Mike Kelley. | Photo Credit: ABC | Revenge airs Sundays on ABC.

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