We’ve got a selection of great quotes from the Revenge season 2 episode, “Masquerade.” Yes, even one from Jack Porter so he doesn’t get all pouty-faced. (Sorry Nick Wechsler, but you know you give a great pouty lip.)


First, we give respect to the writers who gave us these quotes: Mike Kelley, Sunil Nayar, and JaSheika Ashel James. And now, zee quotes!

Another great Nolan-ism
Nolan Ross: (To Emily) Start your revengeines.

Okay, b#tch
Ashley: And Conrad. Wear a tie. People want to relate to you, not feel like you’re actually related to them.

It’s actually almost one of her good qualities…
Victoria: It’s no secret that I’ll do anything for my children.

Yea, yea, yea
Trask: We don’t threaten in two dimensions. We act in three.

With a blanket dramatically billowing over your shoulders, yep

Victoria Grayson: That’s a look I know well. Standing in the present. Looking to the past.

Our girl is growing up
Charlotte Grayson: A symbol of dying love? Seems more disturbing than thoughtful.
Conrad Grayson: And here I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.

And an orgy upstairs!
Victoria Grayson: May your ornate facades lead you to intrigue.

Politics R tuff
Emily Thorne: I can’t believe Conrad Grayson got my vote.

Fake it till you make it, baby
Nolan Ross: Sometimes self deception can be therapeutic.

And, one quote from Jack, where he’s being a downer once again…
Jack Porter: There is no victory for Amanda. She’s gone. Which is why my child’s being raised without a mother.

Photo Credit: ABC. Series created by Mike Kelley.