Tyler and Amanda were both current obstacles for Emily, and she needed some highly creative (read: sneaky) ways for getting them cut out of the way. The first step was karate chopping the air. I happen to do this all the time, myself.

Revenge Review “Loyalty”

Emily vs. Tyler

Tyler is a hard bug to squash, which is why we find him so fun. Emily has decided to go her trademark root of attacking him indirectly. By letting Daniel know about the blackmail it led to Tyler then actually blackmailing Mr. Grayson. Can’t imagine that will end well for this social climber.

Emily vs. Nolan

Is Nolan’s loyalty to Emily, or to her late father? And is Emily ever going to be loyal (keyword of the night, bing!) to Nolan when it counts? I’d like to think that they these two crazy kids do have a kind of twisted friendship. But with all of the scheming and lying, I’m not sure they can truly trust each other.

Jack vs. Fauxmanda

The flashback showing the real Amanda as a little girl having to surrender her dog, Sammy, to Jack was a genuine heartstring puller. Sadder than the current Hallmark commercials, I tell you! And I’ve put a ‘vs.’ between these two names because Fauxmanda is really only messing with Jack’s head in a selfish manner. Would he fall for her if he knew the truth about her? It seems like “well, I killed this one guy” might get in the way of their lasting happiness. Jack and Fauxmanda are doomed!

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Emily vs. her FEEEEELINGS for Daniel

Master Satoshi saw it right away – Emily has genuine feelings for Daniel. This complicates her plan. Didn’t Emily always say that having Daniel by her side was part of her plan? What is the point of him if not for a thrill in the bedroom?

Tyler & Ashley

Why does Tyler want to help Ashley so much? She did bring up how she saw him cheating on her by kissing another guy… and it wasn’t just any guy, it was Nolan. Ashley has always hated Nolan. Rather than stew about it, she accepted that Tyler was doing this as part of a larger, manipulative plan and she got over it. But is she still carrying a torch for Tyler, or does she just think he’s a good partner in crime?

Daniel & Jack vs Emily’s Past

Both boyfriend Daniel and wish-I-was-her-boyfriend Jack talked about David  Clarke and Amanda Clarke to Emily. (Pssst, she’s the real Amanda Clarke!) They both passed the test of not coming down too hard on the Dad or the daughter. I’m sure Emily wished she could speak up and explain the truth, but it was probably also nice to get an appraisal of their beliefs on the subject without bringing it up out of the blue.

Fauxmanda vs the Notebook

Naturally, I’m not talking about the tearjerker movie with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. I mean the notebook that Emily whipped up and then ‘aged.’ I completely thought Emily would leave it out for Amanda to steal, but she actually handed it to her. But if she wanted to tell Amanda facts about her childhood she could have just typed them up and e-mailed them over. There has to be a reason why Emily wants this to look legit. Is she hoping it’ll be found on Amanda as proof she’s the real Amanda Clarke, or did she write a few lies in the notebook that will make Fauxmanda look like an idiot to Jack? (Aside: How did Emily have the time to write this? Does she have insomnia or is she one of those annoying people who only ever need fives hour of sleep? See, those people turn to revenge! Therefore, I defend my thesis against the possibly for 9 hour+ sleep sessions. Hrmph.)

Misc: There were waves for the Revenge opening credits. It was pretty creepy. Have the moving waves always been there? I don’t think so.

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