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REVENGE Recap Mid-season finale Ep1.10 “Loyalty”

Air date: 7 December 2011

In the last episode, we learnt that she speaks fluent Japanese.  And now we know she’s not to be messed with in a fight either.  Turns out the training she received from Mr Takaeda was some awesome martial arts.  In what can only be described as a Karate Kid moment, Emily and Takaeda are practicing their flips and punches while the teacher tries to offer his pupil some sage advice, most notably to keep her feelings for Daniel in check.  After all, he reminds her, he is the son of her sworn enemy.

As is befitting the title of this episode, “Loyalty” has us questioning everyone’s loyalty.  Ashley has shown her cards that she is as ambitious as anyone else in the Hamptons and wastes no time continuing to suck up to Queen Victoria, who has just been served divorce papers from Conrad.  There is no subtlety to Ashley’s sycophantic behavior.  Yes, Victoria is still queen of the Hamptons – she has two children who love you (where have you been hiding, Ashley?).  Yes, you have friends who will do anything for you.  Yes, you have an entire community that worships you. Oh and let’s not forget, you have me.  I’m still not quite sure what makes Ashley think she is so special except that she believes she is Emily’s best friend.

So Ashley tries to be the go-between for Victoria to try and win back her son from the clutches of evil Emily (Victoria’s maternal instincts aren’t very far wrong here).  She convinces Daniel to have lunch with his mother after delivering to him the news that Conrad has filed for divorce.  Of course, Daniel never goes anywhere without Emily so lunch date is now set for three instead of two.

Nolan’s alliance with Emily continues down a slippery slope.  When he shows her a video (thanks to the return of Shamu-cam) of Tyler using his computer to Google her father, Emily wants Nolan to continue their original plan and have him pull out his investments with Grayson.  He reluctantly agrees.  But that is not all that is on Shamu-cam.  Emily discovers the “sex tape” Nolan had secretly made of his tryst with Tyler and becomes even more suspicious of Nolan’s loyalty.  In her on-going efforts to take down Tyler, she tells Daniel how his Harvard buddy won the Nolan Ross account after his father had failed to do so for ten years.

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Poolside at the House of Nolan, Tyler turns up with a stack of cash he earned from Grayson Global to repay Nolan for using his credit card.  Ty wants to spend some quality time with his new BFF (or should I say BF?) and suggests South Beach, which is hardly classy enough for a gazillionaire like Nolan, who counters with Monte Carlo.

Conveniently, while Victoria is waiting for her son to arrive for lunch, a lawyer by the name of Ryan Huntley introduces himself to her and offers her services to handle her divorce.  He had represented Michael Davis in his divorce from Lydia and Conrad had requested his help as well.  Audiences who have been paying attention should have realized by this point that something is fishy if this man is approaching Victoria after turning down Conrad – and you would be right.  But there’s more of that to come later.

When Daniel turns up to lunch with Emily, Victoria looks surprised – I’m not really sure why this is the case because Ashley was the one making the lunch reservations so you would expect she would have warned her boss that Emily would be there.  But I digress.  Daniel subtly asks Victoria why Tyler has not moved out of their pool house and she explains that he is like a part of the family, and that Tyler would be welcome to stay as long as Daniel is living with Emily.

Now, I have not forgotten loony Amanda (yes, she is no longer going by Kara after she revealed to Jack that she is the real Amanda Clarke).  She is still living on Jack’s boat – it is named after her, so why not treat it as your own?  On the surface, she appears to have successfully deceived Jack into believing she is his childhood crush.  But the one “person” she fails to deceive is Sammy, the Immortal Dog.  Jack reminds Amanda of their first meeting by the beach playing with Sammy.  She pretends that she has pushed those painful childhood memories to the back of her mind.

When Jack tells Emily about Amanda’s past, Emily realizes if her frenemy was to stay, she needs to utilize her to her advantage.  Always prepared for every occasion, Emily gives Amanda a fake diary containing details of her childhood including stories about the Graysons.  Amanda takes this as a sign of Emily’s approval for her to stay and promptly rubs Nolan’s nose in the fact when they bump into each other at the Stowaway Tavern.

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The biggest pawn in this game of Revenge, in my opinion, is Daniel.  Now working for his father, he is determined not to be outdone by Tyler and is still trying to convince Takaeda to invest with him.  He asks Emily to be his translator at a dinner with the Japanese businessman.  Instead of translating Daniel’s sales pitch, Emily asks Takaeda to invest with Grayson Global, offering her own money to fund the investment.  Takaeda again warns her not to let her “pretend feelings” for Daniel become real and walks out.  Daniel is uncertain what has happened until Emily happily announces that Takaeda has agreed to invest $50million with him.

Father-of-the-Year Conrad brings Tyler together with his son and announces that Daniel has scored a bigger deal with Takaeda than Tyler did with Nolan.  But Tyler still gets to keep his commission and the corner office and when he storms off, Daniel decides to tell his father about Tyler’s relationship with Nolan, firmly believing that it was enough to get Tyler fired.  Unfortunately, Daniel does not know Tyler has the upper hand – he knows the truth about Conrad and Victoria’s role in the terrorist attack and does not waste time in using it to blackmail Conrad into letting him keep his job.

Tyler continues to unravel.  And we now know why – he is on meds for schizophrenia!  But not only that, it appears he has run out of his pills so there is no telling what he’s capable of doing next.  This is the man who banged his own head against a pole just so he can pretend Daniel attacked him.  So when Tyler pays Nolan a late-night visit, only to find Nolan has withdrawn his business from Grayson Global and their trip to Monte Carlo, he lost his cool and demands to know why he told Conrad about their sex tape.  Nolan doesn’t know what he’s talking about and shows Tyler his Shamu-cam.  Tyler tosses Nolan’s laptop into the pool, but not before he took Shamu-cam and finds even more damning evidence against Conrad.

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Nolan confronts Emily about selling him out and tells her he wants no more part of her evil games.  She retorts that she had never asked him to be a part of this but Nolan gives her a biting response, one that hit a nerve and, for the first time, we see that Emily may just be starting to crumble:

“Your father didn’t want this for you.  It’s good that he’s gone, ‘coz at least now he can’t see what you’ve become.”

Takaeda (who can add ninja to his credits), out of nowhere, appears on Emily’s porch and tells her that he can no longer help her because she does not recognize that she is even lying to herself about her true feelings for Daniel.  She begs him not to abandon her but he leaves, telling her that she is on her own.  With Takaeda and (probably) Nolan no longer her loyal allies, who can she still turn to for help as her list of enemies/frenemies continues to grow?

After finding out that his father did not fire Tyler, Daniel decides to pledge his allegiance to his mother.  He promises to deliver to her anything she needs in her divorce from Conrad, including financial records and everything he can get his hands on through his job.  And he tells Victoria that Amanda Clarke is back in the Hamptons and that he is suspicious of her.  What will Victoria do?

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Wait, have you forgotten divorce lawyer Ryan Huntley already?  He is now officially representing Victoria in her divorce but he has conditions, one of which includes complete transparency to her financial records, and in exchange, he offers a juicy divorce that “could end up with a significant amount of Conrad’s blood on your hands.” Goody!  I cannot wait for this!  And remember when I said there was something fishy about this Good Samaritan lawyer?  Turns out he was David Clarke’s lawyer who dropped his file for appeal before he died.  Flashback to the young, “real” Amanda confronting Huntley in his office.  We don’t know exactly why the appeal was dropped but I’m sure Conrad had something to do with it.

As usual, there was sideshow Declan with Charlotte contemplating moving in together but luckily they had the good sense not to and instead, Charlotte tells her mother that she is moving in with her father.  Declan decides finishing school and going to college might be a good idea.  Wise choice.

And there’s that.  Mid-season finale wrapped.  If the promo they showed at the end of the episode is anything to go by, REVENGE is set to take a more dangerous turn when it returns on Jan 4th, in the lead-up to the murder on the beach that we saw in the Pilot.

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