This was the flashback episode everyone had been talking about in Revenge-land for weeks.  It was revealing, surprising, at times confusing and most of all, a little different to what we’re used to.

For the last 19 episodes, fans of Revenge have been asking a lot of questions: how did Victoria’s affair with David Clarke start?  How did David Clarke’s sweet little girl turn from Amanda Clarke, daughter of a convicted traitor/terrorist, into well-educated, vengeful and kick-ass Emily Thorne?  How did Nolan meet David and why is he so determined to help Emily’s path of revenge against the Graysons?  Why did Jack hate Nolan so much when the show first opened, other than that they were from the opposite sides of town?  How did Victoria come to have the photo of David taken in prison on the day he died?

Well, we have had some answers to these in recent episodes and “Legacy” answered a few more.  There were some surprises though…and for the purposes of minimizing the confusion (as this episode was a flashback with flashbacks) I’m going to keep calling “Real Amanda” Emily.

Emily didn’t read David’s journals for six months

I realize Emily left juvie a tad bitter and twisted about her father’s incarceration, but I would have expected that, being handed the “Infinity Box” by a long-haired tech geek and offered half his multi-billion dollar company, she would have been at least a little curious as to the contents of those journals?  And why did it take Nolan so long to track her down?

Conrad and Victoria held on to David Clarke’s house for 10 years after his conviction
Victoria told Lydia that the house was the last thing of David’s that she had.  I guess we, the audience, now know that she has one more: Charlotte.

Conrad and Lydia’s affair did not start until the 2002 NYE party
So, apparently the Graysons paid Lydia a million bucks to perjure herself on the witness stand against David Clarke, but I always assumed she was already having an affair with Conrad, hence her loyalty to him.  Turns out she was the one who instigated the affair with her best friend’s husband, ten years after she was no longer working for him.

Nolan’s house is built on land where the Porters used to live
Wow – so that means Jack and Declan used to live in a posh area before Nolan bought out all the houses on the street to build his mansion?

Even the rich wear goofy hats on NYE
It seems the wealth makes no difference on the choice of headwear when seeing in a new year.  The party-goers at the Graysons’ party were wearing the same goofy “Happy New Year” hats on their perfectly-coiffed heads as the loud drunks singing Auld Lange Syne at the Stowaway.  And I am too distraught to discuss Jack decking Nolan (for the record, I am Team Nolan – just sayin’.)

Roger Halsted’s murder was in the pool house
With the revelation that Conrad was behind the murder of David in prison, it came as no surprise that he would also be behind the plotting of the murder of whoever sent them the blood-spattered note, threatening to out them for framing David.  But to kill a man on their own property and at their own party? Hmm…not as carefully thought out by Frank as I would have expected.  Oh, and by the way, let’s not forget that this is the same pool house that their son, Daniel, moved into before he moved in with Emily in 2011.  I wonder if it is haunted?

For the most part, Revenge is pretty good with tracking the little breadcrumbs of clues they feed us every week.  But correct me if I am wrong, but I have a couple of questions from “Legacy”:
We know Mason Treadwell was Leo Treadwell before he published his book about David Clarke.  However, when Victoria asked “waitress” Emily to make sure there’s an ashtray in “Mr Treadwell’s room” and Emily replied with “Leo Treadwell?”, didn’t anyone think it was a little suspicious she didn’t call him “Mason Treadwell?”  Also, Emily’s double infinity tattoo is on her wrist, which has been visible in some episodes.  How is it that nobody, especially Daniel, has ever asked her about it? Even if you assume she covers it with makeup normally, I would have thought Daniel would have seen it?

And now for some of my favorite quotes from “Legacy”:

Conrad to Frank: “You know what my resolution for this year is? No more parties. They’re like a hidden tax on the rich.”  Imagine if that had happened, Ashley Davenport would never have had a job with the Graysons and Emily would have had to find some other way to take out her vengeance on her targets!

Conrad to Frank: “I’d like to think my secretary is a tad more loyal than Lydia was to David.”  Considering his secretary, Carole Miller (aka Nolan’s aunt) is the one who found evidence against him to help David Clarke, this was an exceptional retrospective flashback (does that make sense?)

Kyla (Jack’s girlfriend circa 2002) to Emily: “A twist: the hero and the villain are actually the same person.” Yep, we get it…that is exactly what Emily is.  She is the hero in the story avenging her father’s murder and conviction but she can also be considered a villain with her plotting and planning against the Graysons and all who were involved in framing her father.

Lydia to “Mandy” (aka Emily as waitress at 2002 NYE party): “What are you coveting? The Dolce or what’s underneath?” Yep, Lydia, I always thought you were a nasty piece of work.

Victoria to Treadwell, upon discovering he was the one behind the blood-spattered note: “You’re despicable!”
Treadwell, in response: “Gee, thanks. High praise, coming from you.”

For the next flashback sequence (I don’t think we need another dedicated episode), let’s have some more back story on why Warden Stiles started helping Emily when she was in juvie and how she introduced her to Takeda.

Written by Valerie Leung. Find her on Twitter at @ValShopaholic