It has been six months since Grayson Global went up in flames while the man responsible for its destruction celebrated an election win into the Governor’s mansion. Whilst I don’t have any insider knowledge of what will eventuate this season, there are some things that we should keep our eye on…for starters, the depth in Conrad’s eyes: “Arctic pools!”

Revenge Season 3

Revenge Season 3

Revenge Season 3, Episode 1 “Fear” Recap

Victoria’s relationship with “Patrick”
In case you missed it, during Charlotte’s six months in Europe to get over the death of her boyfriend, Declan Porter (at the hands of her own father), the Graysons have also lost their fortune, thanks to the clever plotting by Team NolEm. Oh, and in a throwaway line from Victoria to her daughter, Charlotte apparently lost her baby so there will be no participation in any Teen Mom TV show for her to help bring in some income.

While Charlotte has been overseas, Victoria has been spending some quality time horse-riding with a young stud, who claims to be her long-lost son, Patrick. She confesses to Emily that, despite not having seen the baby boy she gave away when he was just six months old, that she is sure this is Patrick. You would think that someone in her position, the first thing she would do is ask for a DNA test so that there would be no doubt? In any case, the way she keeps touching him makes me wonder if this is threatening to become a case of Oedipus Complex some time down the track…

Save the date: double infinity
As has been customary for each season premiere, the opening scene involves someone being found dead and then we wait for months for the identity of the corpse to be revealed as we flashback to the start of the Hamptons season. This time, we know who gets shot: Emily Thorne, dressed in a beautiful flowing white wedding gown, standing on the bow of the Grayson yacht, sipping champagne when she gets shot. Will she live (we would assume so)? Who shot her? She certainly has a long enough list of enemies who would want her dead.

The first time Emily and Daniel were engaged, she avoided setting a wedding date for the longest time, in the hope that her take-down of the Graysons would be wrapped up before she would have to walk down the aisle with the son of her greatest enemy. But now she has a deadline – Jack, her childhood love, has given her an ultimatum: tell the truth before the summer is over, or he will do it for her.

And so the wedding date is set: August 8th. In case you missed the subtle reference to the double infinity symbol, Nolan helpfully draws this on the sand.

The red magic marker makes a welcome return
Poor Ashley. She has run out of Grayson men to sleep with and blackmail. She has run out of Graysons to blackmail, period. So who does she now turn to in her hour of need after being used and abused by the King and Queen of the Hamptons? Her former best friend, of course! Yes, she threatens Emily with something as flimsy as “you weren’t protecting Conrad when you stopped Jack from shooting him on election night – you were protecting Jack”.

In the past we have seen Emily and Victoria pretend to team up against a common enemy. But this time, there is no denying that they truly got what they wanted, getting rid of Ashley once and for all, sending her back to Croydon on their private jet. There are no more accurate parting words than Ashley declaring to the two women: “you two are evil!” Thank you for pointing out the obvious, Ashley!

Welcome to Nolan-Two-Point-No
Remember when we first met Nolan two summers ago and he was just a weedy, nerdy, gazillionnaire who was kidnapped, bound and stabbed? Then he took up boxing, seeing as how even personal bodyguards didn’t seem to be of much use. And now, he takes us by surprise yet again by parachuting into the Graysons’ annual Memorial Day party in order to bypass Conrad’s heightened security and create a diversion for Emily.

The reformed Nolan has spent six months in prison and swears his hacking days are now behind him, but that is not to say he will leave Emily to continue her path of revenge on her own. No, sirree, if anything, his time in an orange jumpsuit has made Nolan more determined than ever to help take down everyone who has hurt Emily and him and those they have loved. So good to see Team NolEm back together again, am I right?

Beware the lovers scorned
After the death of Declan, Jack left the Hamptons with baby Carl, to catch up with other family members. Upon his return, he tells Emily that seeing the unconditional love in his son’s eyes, gives him an understanding of why Emily did what she did to avenge her father’s death. He kisses her – something that no doubt all Jack/Emily shippers rejoiced at – until he pulls away and announces that he feels nothing for her anymore and asks her to reveal her true identity or he would do it for her.

This can’t be happening, right? We have waited so long for Jack and “real Amanda” to get together for real, even against our better judgement that she might belong with Aiden, the one man who has known her truth from the beginning. But now, Aiden, who has given up so much for Emily, knows that her true love had been Jack all along, and he’s not happy. He has returned to the Hamptons – on Victoria’s balcony, no less – to announce that he will help Victoria take her down. Say it isn’t so! Is this for real? Would he really be able to betray Emily when the time comes? Could he be the shooter?

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