Revenge “Justice” gave us plenty more OMG moments.

First off, let me start by saying thank goodness Mike Kelley recognizes that REVENGE is not a show about lawyers or cops so he has spared us all the boring lawyer-speak in the courtroom (we can watch other shows for that).  If there is one thing this show does not lack, it is focus – so let’s get back to the Revengenda!

Daniel Grayson’s (Joshua Bowman) trial is now in its 15th day and the prosecution has been busy putting together a case against him. They re-enact the scene of Tyler’s (Ashton Holmes) shooting for the jury to see.  Juror #3 looks like she has already made up her mind against Daniel, giving judgmental sideway glances at Daniel during the testimonies.  This greatly displeases defence attorney Brooks (Courtney B. Vance).

In a family gathering to discuss Daniel’s case, Brooks tells them the blood spatter on Daniel’s tuxedo jacket shows no signs he had dragged Tyler’s body up the beach, which could work in their favour, especially if they can prove their theory that there was a third man at the scene of the crime.  Unfortunately, given Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) inebriated and drunken state at the time the body was discovered, Brooks insists that she would not make a reliable witness and wants to put Emily on the stand instead.

Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) is not one to like losing control, and so, determined to take matters into her own hands, calls her thug-of-choice, whom we now know is Lee Moran, to “convince” Juror #3 that Daniel must not be found guilty.  Unbeknownst to Victoria, her phone has been bugged by Emily (Emily VanCamp), who now has her on record for jury tampering!  But wait, there’s more! Not only did Emily bug Victoria’s phone, but Shamu Cam has been busy as well because it makes an appearance in the supposed-to-be-secret-but-turns-out-not-to-be-so-secret hotel room where all the jurors are being sequestered.  With the help of Shamu, Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) watch on as Moran turns up at #3’s hotel room, threatening to hurt her young son if she did not ensure either a hung jury or an acquittal in Daniel’s trial.  So now NolEm have got that in high-def too!

Meanwhile, Jack (Nick Wechsler) is still in search of the missing Amanda Clarke (Margarita Levieva).  She was supposed to have disappeared to Montreal but her trail, conveniently created by Nolan, has now led him to some dodgy motel just outside of Boston.  Jack is asking the receptionist about Amanda and we quickly find out that she is in on this deception as she sends a message to Nolan.  While Jack is there, he sees a TV news report with Ashley (Ashley Medekwe), no longer Victoria’s lackey but now officially the Grayson Family Spokesperson, talking about Declan (Connor Paolo), being the final witness for the prosecution’s case.

Jack calls Nolan – who has now taken up residence behind the bar at The Stowaway in Jack’s absence –  and tells him he is coming home.  First thing Jack does when he gets home is check on his blood-stained hoodie.  Declan comes home from school and tells him Nolan’s been helping him with his homework – where was my Nolan when I was in high school?  Anyway, Jack tells Declan he doesn’t want him to lie on the stand and plans to use the hoodie, if necessary, to protect Amanda when the Graysons start accusing her of the murder.

In amongst all the drama in the courtroom, Victoria still manages to find time for her tristes in the bedroom with rekindled flame, Dominick Wright (James Purefoy).  The disgraced artist has found inspiration to paint again since resuming his affair with Victoria.  She confesses to him that she was afraid to be in love with him all those years ago but settled into a “marriage of convenience” with Conrad (Henry Czerny) instead.  She said she felt emptiness until she met David Clarke (James Tupper) and before you know it, she confesses more than her love affair with David to Dominick.

Jack pays a visit to Emily and share a few tender moments.  Poor Daniel, standing all alone on the balcony of the Grayson Manor, watches over his fiancée’s house and sees Jack leaving – how did he see into her house? That’s getting a bit creepy now…anyway, Victoria comes home to find Daniel angry and jealous.  Daniel tells his mother that Jack is back, stoking Emily’s fire and god-knows-what-else and storms off.

Jack’s return may greatly displease Daniel, but to his mother, it is the chance to throw him back in the ring of possible suspects in her son’s trial.  But to do so would require Declan telling the truth about what he saw on the beach, and Victoria convinces Charlotte she must do whatever she has to to make sure it happens.  As we know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Charlotte decides to pay her ex-boyfriend a visit, seducing him with her charms.

Ever the responsible chaperone, Nolan interrupts Charlotte’s scheme and sends her packing.  “So, I’m guessing she’s not here to help you with your mid-terms?” Nolan asks.  Declan confesses he’s scared he will lose Jack if he tells the truth in court.  Nolan reminds him that the Graysons are ruthless people and would not hesitate to make Jack take the fall: “Don’t make it easier for them.”

When it is finally time for Declan to take the stand, we see Jack sitting by Emily’s side behind Daniel in court, and away from the Grayson family.  Declan tells the court that he did not see another person on the beach the night of the murder and when questioned, said that Charlotte’s statement to the police is unreliable because she was drunk and high at the time.  As Charlotte leaves the courtroom at his betrayal, he adds that she is a good person just trying to protect her brother.  The sad truth is they are both trying to protect their brothers.

Back at home, Victoria is angry that Charlotte was not able to tempt her ex to change his testimony and reminds Daniel that Emily was sitting with Jack in the courtroom – a fact that certainly had not escaped his attention.  He calls Emily and asks her to come over to his house since being under house arrest means he cannot go to hers.  She declines, saying she has 17 pages of notes to study for her court date the next date.  Still angry, Daniel questions how she is going to convince 12 strangers she is in love with him when he’s not even sure of that himself.

Charlotte, equally angry at her public betrayal by the boy she thought she loved, headed to the home of the last boy she thought she loved, Adam.  She’s determined to continue down the path of self-destruction, using Adam to provide her the pills she is now addicted to.

Jack continues to pour out his secrets to Nolan and tells him he still has the blood-stained hoodie and asks Nolan to find him a lawyer because he is going to need a good one.  Nolan immediately calls Emily: “We’re at DefCon One!”  In contrast, Emily calmly tells Nolan he won’t need to find a lawyer for Jack as long as he can get him out of his apartment for a few hours.  Of course Emily would have a plan all set to save Jack!

Emily quickly leaves to head to The Stowaway where she breaks into Jack’s apartment, rummages through the place until she finds the hoodie, takes it and leaves. When she gets home, she finds a surprise visitor in the form of Daniel, sitting in the dark inside her house, looking slightly worse-for-wear.  Clouded by his haze of jealousy, Daniel has violated his house arrest boundaries to confront Emily about where she has been, shoves her (GASP!) and accuses her of having an affair with Jack.  Before she has a chance to defend herself, the police break in to arrest Daniel – a scene slightly reminiscent of the night David Clarke was arrested in that very same house!

Victoria calls Brooks and demands to know what made Daniel leave the house, then gets a visit from Emily. She tells Victoria that Daniel had accused her of cheating on him with Jack, and admits that she was trying to get closer to Jack so as to find out Amanda Clarke’s whereabouts.   Satisfied with Emily’s explanation, Victoria tells her to go home and prepare to give the performance of her life.

When Jack and Declan return to their apartment above The Stowaway, they find it has been ransacked although nothing has been stolen…until Jack realized his hoodie was gone.  It doesn’t take long before we find out where it is…Mr Thug, Lee Moran, is stopped while driving by the police and is placed under arrest for suspected kidnapping.  While being cuffed, the police search his car and find the hoodie in the back seat – so now let’s add murder to those charges!

Nolan asks Emily what will happen when the police find Jack’s DNA all over the hoodie.  She reminds him that Moran is the same man who Victoria had hired to break into Jack’s place and beat him up, thereby explaining that.  What I’m not entirely sure of is how they might explain the lack of Moran’s DNA on Jack’s hoodie if they are trying to frame him for Tyler’s murder…that little mistake aside, this is still another of Emily’s awesome take-down plans.

Of course Moran is not going to just take this lying down.  He may be guilty of many things but he was not going to cop to a murder charge he knows nothing about.  He calls Victoria from prison and threatens to tell the police everything if she doesn’t get him out.  Conrad overhears the conversation and demands that she tell him what she has done.  She is still convinced that Jack is the murderer who tried to frame Daniel and now Moran.  Conrad tells her he had paid Dominick a visit and is now gone.  Distressed, Victoria goes to Dominick’s loft, only to find it empty but for the painting he made of her.

Back in his tiny prison cell, Daniel begins to write Emily another letter. He tells her he shot Tyler because he told him she betrayed him.  But now he feels he is the one who has betrayed her by what he has done and is going to do her a favor and “ending this now”.  But before we find out what he means by that, we hear the prison alarms go off (I seriously thought Daniel was going to try and hang himself in his cell!).  Brooks appears outside Daniel’s cell and explains that another prisoner, Moran, who has fresh charges for the murder of Tyler against him, has just been found dead.  Brooks was in the process of getting Daniel’s charges dropped and he would soon be going home.  Yay!

So what happened to Moran?  Emily plays back a phone conversation she recorded from the Graysons’ phone for Nolan – Conrad had called his own thug to arrange for Moran’s premature death.  “We have another David Clarke situation on our hands,” Conrad tells the mystery person on the phone.  It is at this moment that Emily realizes her father’s death in prison from stabbing was not just a mere unfortunate outcome from a prison fight, but a murder orchestrated by Conrad!

With only four more episodes to go, what more has Mike Kelley got in store for us? Will we find out where Takeda has hidden Amanda for all these months?  Will Dominick come back for Victoria?  Is Nolan going to get a Christmas sweater before the season is out? I, for one, cannot wait, and don’t forget there will be the flashback episode coming up very soon!

Written by Valerie Leung, find her on Twitter @ValShopaholic. Read her Revenge recaps weekly.