How are you enjoying Revenge? Loving it beyond words? Us too. But we’ll try to form a few to discuss what we loved the most about “Infamy.” It includes what may have been the best act of revenge yet.

victoria grayson

Revenge Review “Infamy”

Ashley’s Been Compromised. Much as we love Ashley Madekwe, her character, Ashley, is turning herself into a minor villain by letting Victoria boss her around. You don’t want to be a minion for evil, you know?

Technically, there was nothing wrong on paper about Ashley warning Emily (Emily Vancamp) about the marriage clause. But the way she did it was an attempt to manipulate Emily into saying she’d never agree to marry Daniel.

Instead, it only informed Emily that she was thismuchcloser to getting Daniel as her husband. Which… is that part of her end game? Maybe. But the point is, Ashley is going to keep going darker this season. We can feel it. And it’s too bad, because Ashley and Emily started off as cute friends.

The Perfect Revenge. Mason Treadwill (Roger Bart) was far too trusting in letting anyone know that he had only one copy of his memoirs. And in inadvertently letting the real Amanda Clarke know this… tsk tsk. He also mentioned how much he loved his beloved cottage, and he had tons of his source materials and precious objects there. Losing it all is pretty devastating!

FauxManda Clarke On Our Nerves. Coyote Ugly was a great movie, but fake Amanda is never going to win us over. Even when she seems to make Jack happy. It’s all an illusion, Jack! What’s very interesting is that the lighter that was Amanda’s (and seen in her possession by Mason) will be found at the scene of the fire at Mason’s house. Is that going to be enough to chase her out of town, or back into a jail cell? We have a feeling she won’t go down without a fight.

Shocker of the night: Charlotte is Amanda’s sister!

Quote of the night: “I haven’t been this disappointed since I saw The Phantom Menace.” – Nolan (Gabriel Mann)