Were you ready for a wedding on Revenge this time round? How about another proposal? And what do you think of our “bazinga” moment? Check it out our Revenge “Illusion” recap!

emily and daniel revenge

The Hamptonites were deprived of a wedding when the engagement between Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) were called off. However, the Graysons more than made up for it with the re-marriage of Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). Unlike the circus that would have been the Daniel-Emily wedding ceremony, Mamma and Papa’s reunion is only a small affair in the presence of around 100 of their nearest and dearest, minus daughter Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) who opted to skip the pretentious affair.

Mason the gullible?

With the threat of exposure by biographer Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart), Emily provides background stories for Amanda (Margarita Levieva) to explain her past and lack of burn scars that would have proven her to be the real Amanda Clarke. Meanwhile, it’s not enough to just make him stop questioning Amanda’s real identity, they manipulate him to “accidentally” discover the body of Gordon Murphy (James Morrison).

Even things in the freezer have their expiration date

If, like me, you have been wondering where Emily hid Gordon Murphy’s body after Aiden (Barry Sloane) shot him in her living room, wonder no more! She had somehow, single-handedly (what can’t that girl do?) moved him to a freezer storage facility. But now Emily has found the perfect opportunity to unveil the ice man by leading Mason to a trailer park where he conveniently finds Conrad’s missing monogrammed cufflink lying on the floor beside the stone-cold body of Murphy.

This is no shotgun wedding

Conrad has fine tastes in everything and has the means to afford the best. So does his “new” wife. So what do you give to the woman who has everything when she’s about to be your wife for the second time? Jewelry seems too pedestrian. How about a gun with a pearl handle? It will also come in handy for defending yourself in case of an intruder in the night-time.

Watch your back

The first time Victoria laid eyes on Kara after her twenty year disappearance, Victoria had thought Kara might have come back for revenge. I suppose her first reaction was “she’s come back from the dead!” But then Victoria welcomes – no, insists – the woman who she had once tried to kill, into her own home, offering her protection from the man ordered to kill her. Someone seems to have forgotten that Kara was locked away for trying to kill her own child and has, well, a mental problem. So who’s more dangerous?

Nolan and Padma

OK, so I admit, I was a little suspicious of Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) CFO and new love, Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), when she started poking around David Clarke’s background. After Emily warns Nolan that Daniel has only invited him to the wedding as an opportunity to dig into David’s investment in Nolcorp in an attempt to take over his company, Nolan deliberately defies her warning, despite acknowledging to her “You win with the steely eyes”. When Nolan finally confronts Padma about her keeping her investigations from him, she looks genuinely innocent. Now he’s offering her a chance to redeem herself. What will she do?

The Revenge-All-Star Party

As the police descend upon Grayson Manor to search for evidence against Conrad for the murder of Gordon Murphy, Mason offers Victoria a chance to have it all without having to spend her wedding night with the groom. It doesn’t take long for the police to conveniently find the gun used to kill Murphy. It does take a rather smart bride to pretend to look surprise as her new husband is being led out in handcuffs by the police.

Every bit a Grayson

While Daniel doesn’t even pretend to support the idea of his parents getting remarried, unlike his sister, he does his duty by at least fronting up at the ceremony, all the while still plotting with Aiden ways to de-throne his father from their company. It seems Daniel has been so busy dreaming of his kingdom-to-be, he never questions Aiden’s actions at all. In fact, when Aiden turns up at the wedding with Emily, his only reaction is one of jealousy, so much so that Aiden’s simple explanation of “Mr Takeda suggested I look her up” seems perfectly plausible. And amongst the first things Daniel thinks of following his father’s arrest? He calls Aiden suggesting they call a Board meeting to take a vote of no confidence against his father so that he can take over the company a.s.a.p. At no point did he even stop to wonder if his father is guilty or not.

Conrad sells his soul to the Initiative…again

By now, you wouldn’t think there’s much of Conrad’s soul left to sell. As he sits in his jail cell pondering how the Initiative had framed him for Murphy’s murder (of course it had to be the Initiative!), the Mystery Woman representing the Initiative arrives, leather gloves and all, to bail him out – on the condition that he helps them out again. But how? It seems we all have to wait to find out.

Another proposal

Remember when we all ooh’d and aah’d last year when Daniel got down on bended knee on the family yacht and proposed to Emily in the very spot where they had first met? He had a band playing on the deck and candle-lit dinner prepared and all was beautiful until the heavens opened up and rained on their parade. But that only made the occasion seem more romantic when Emily said yes. That engagement didn’t last but now Jack (Nick Wechsler), on his little boat named after his childhood sweetheart, prepares a romantic dinner and lights candles on his boat and proposes to the mother of his new baby. Finally, Amanda is getting the happy ending she had craved all her life…or will she?

Another breadcrumb

There is no doubt whenever Mason is present, you can be assured of some of the best punchlines around. When he discovers Daniel is dating Ashley (Ashley Medekwe) whom he knew as Victoria’s former assistant, he comments “I didn’t realize your son has stooped to dating the help.” Ouch! However, it is when Victoria reveals that Daniel’s last girlfriend, Emily, is nothing more than “a juvie girl who cleaned up nicely” that Mason makes the connection between Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke. Bazinga!

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