Did you laugh when Victoria Grayson ran across her wedding reception to fake shock about Conrad’s arrest? We did. Here’s our Revenge season 2 episode 6 “Illusion” recap!

victoria grayson wedding dress
Kara Clarke must hate Victoria Grayson, so it’s especially creepy when she’s nice to her. And since she doesn’t know if her husband is dead or not, she figures now is a good time to go paint on the beach. Sure, of course. In high pressure situations I always like to do some fine art.

Methinks Jack had a haircut. Maybe the fandom voices will be appeased.

I want a rich Mom that will take me to tea and to the ballet! But I want my Mom. So I guess I want my Mom to get rich.

Fauxmanda doesn’t want Emily to forget she has her own way of dealing with things.

You cannot tell me that Emily isn’t trying to make Daniel jealous – not with that powerful siren red dress and the massive V of cleavage.

padma revengeBut I want to mention how cute the braided hair and big earrings on Ashley Madekwe are. I love that look, it’s much more fashionable than Emily’s more classic/casual look.  Ashley Davenport is very hooked into trends and sometimes that will even turn into the “man repeller” type of looks because high fashion isn’t the stuff that men usually like.

Even Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) looks better dress than Victoria does at this wedding. That’s a petty royal blue dress! … Then again, maybe it’s the perfecet color for Victoria because she was feeling all gray, dull and drab about having to re-marry Conrad. Was it a metaphorical message? I hate feeling disappointed by Vera Wang, though. It rarely happens. (See, I’m not even sure I like the dress at all!)

Look like Declan’s got a predator.

ashley revenge

dilshad vasariaVictoria’s Wedding Dress… I don’t like it as a wedding dress, even if it is Vera Wang. As a dress, it’s nice. But the color is not even very light, let alone white.

Offering his wife a gun is creepy, but it would have been more creepy if it had been “you can always kill yourself as a way out of this.”

Victoria is a horrible actress. I hate how she shrieked and ran across the floor, she was fooling no one.

Inevitable Declan/Charlotte reunion. Woo.

Jack, you’re KILLING Amanda. And you’re … proposing to her? You’re MARRYING her? I scoff at you, Jack! You’re an easy mark!

emily thorneNah, I don’t even care if this song has been overplayed. I love it. Although, duh @ Emily planting all of that.

Emily Thorne is gonna have more trouble with Mason Treadwell. Finally, we might have someone realize that Emily is Amanda. Bout damn time!

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 6 | Revenge “Illusion” recap | This episode was written by Mike Kelley. | Photo Credit: ABC | Revenge airs Sundays on ABC.

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