Free Nolan! I mean, he’s already free. But I’m outraged anyway.

Victoria Grayson simmers in a red lace dress. Photo: ABC

Victoria Grayson simmers in a red lace dress. Photo: ABC

Revenge Live Blog Recap

How bad do you want to be a mysterious badass like Emily Thorne who looks into foggy bathroom mirrors and knows she’s carrying around powerful secrets? Cause….yea.

Daniel is not supportive of Nolan. Geez. GET ON BOARD, Grayson.

It’s nice that the Grayson house is so easy to walk into. Emily can just lurk. There aren’t even any maids anymore.

Be on the chopper, or the chopping BLOCK? Yea, buddy.


It’s Ashley! And she thinks a baby can drink a “not too hot, hot chocolate.” Really? Either way, look at her outfit! Tres chic. And it’s nice that Ashley and Jack are buddying up, given that they otherwise have no one.

Emily in sunglasses, whisking Nolan away in a car. LOVE IT. Gabriel Mann is so likeable, I can’t stand it. I’m so invested in this character just by knowing how great the actor under the character is.

Emily and Daniel on Revenge.

Emily and Daniel on Revenge. Photo: ABC

I don’t much like Victoria’s dress. It’s got that ink blot look to it.

No, Victoria. Your life cannot be that easy. She runs into the dean and there’s a scholarship?! Give me a serious break.


Falcon, you’re in trouble now.

Will the real Charlotte Grayson please stand up? Sorry, Charlotte Clarke.

Oh yes, Charlotte. Trust the girl you got into a fist-fight with. That’s the way to do things.

Ha, even in grief Nolan is rocking bright red loafers! You can’t stop style.

That little animation of Nolan with the Falcon was cute, no?

Oh, it’s Falc0n, sorry.

DYT – Defend your title.

“Looks like the Falc0n’s ready to play.” – Emily, being SUPER, unbearably cheesy.

#Revenge is trending on the east coast. Right on.

That young girl is the Falcon? She gave up her identity pretty fast.

His real middle name is Leslie, aw. Nolan Leslie Ross.

Conrad Grayson and the Governor’s Wife sitting in a tree…

“You’ve been spending too much time in the real world,” – The Falcon, with the ultimate insult!

Sometimes it’s the only way to make someone do something, to threaten their honor after tricking them. I learned that on TV, okay? Not reality. I promise! Wait, am I under oath or not? No? Okay. Yea. We’re cool.

Nolan and The Falcon are totally going to hook up, fyi.

If I was a hot hacker, I’d give myself away with the bird name I’d pick. Or do you think “Rad Flamingo” is badass? Wait, I have another. “Wigged Eagle.” Heh. “The Prying Peacock!”

I prefer to solve most of my major life problems via video game, myself.

Nice “Bruce freaking Lee” moves, Gabriel Mann!

Victor/Victoria mention!

I miss John John and Caroline. Sigh. (Tragic deaths. Google it.)

Way to man up, having a reporter put your girlfriend on the spot about an engagement. Lord. Daniel is so weak.

I love Emily’s blue dress. It’s electric.

As someone who’s been the smart girlfriend to a doof, I want to say that the doofs can’t rely on us to do their work for them. But, if you offer, then you (Charlotte) have to come through!

Juju, no! Ha.

Oh, oh. Victoria’s gold feather earrings? I have them, from Spotlight Accessories! Kyle Richards (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) also has them. They’re by CC Skye.

Ouch for Victoria. That was cold, Conrad. You’re a cold hearted snake. Like that Paula Abdul song.

Hmm a new ABC show with Alyssa Milano called Mistresses? Yea, I’ll totally watch that.

“The only thing keeping us from being together is you.” – Daniel to Emily

Well, the engagement ring is pretty, still.

Finally, something nice from Victoria. She wants her son. Maybe she’s focused on Daniel so much because she has really been wanting to confirm the safety of her true first born son. PSYCHOLOGY, man.

No one is still watching Red Widow, sorry ABC.