With each passing day, Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) recollection of her mother, Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) grows stronger. Now that she fully remembers her long-thought-dead mother turns out to have been the mother from Hell who tried to drown her when she was five, her resolve to avenge her father’s death seems to have been outweighed by her sadness and disappointment that her own mother thinks that new mom Amanda (Margarita Levieva) is really her.

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But in the dangerous game of revenge, there’s little room for forgiveness and plenty of room for suspicions. Here are some things that suspicious minds have revealed:

Beware of becoming a Grayson house-guest

The last couple of house guests at Grayson Manor met with untimely deaths – remember Tyler Barrol and poor old Lydia Davis? So when Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) invites Kara to stay at their house for her protection, you would think she should have known better than to accept? Or perhaps having been hiding out in an out-of-the-way motel for the past twenty years meant Kara had no idea about what happened last summer? However, given Kara is a certified nutcase, maybe Victoria should be more scared of Kara than Kara should be of Queen Vic?

Beware of rich B&E victims being generous

From the moment Declan (Connor Paolo) befriended rich kid Trey (Michael Nardelli) who turned out to be a breaking-and-entering expert, we knew he was not to be trusted. Then came mysterious rich guy Kenny (JR Bourne) who turns up at the Stowaway Tavern, being all so forgiving of Declan’s criminal behavior on the condition he returns all his stolen stuff. Of course, we know Kenny is in cahoots with Trey, but why? Now we know he wants to buy the Stowaway from Declan and new dad Jack (Nick Wechsler).

Beware of the ambitious son

Daniel (Josh Bowman) knows his girlfriend Ashley (Ashley Medekwe) is a spy for his father but he also knows two can play the game. Meanwhile, he is as determined to keep his seat at Grayson Global as he is to overthrow his father, Conrad (Henry Czerny) from his throne. With his new slicked-back hair and renewed interest in the finances of his company, Daniel shows how smart he really is when his suspicions are raised after Nolcorp’s new CFO, Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) starts asking questions about David Clarke’s (James Tupper) employment contract at Grayson Global.

Beware of the clever accountant

There is no doubt Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is smitten with Padma, especially after she helped him go through his late father’s storage unit to reveal Ross senior, despite having kicked Nolan out of the house after he dropped out of college, had actually been extremely proud of his achievements and kept a close eye on his success. But why did she go noseying into David’s investments with Nolcorp without talking to Nolan first? Now, the silent partnership Emily has in Nolcorp is threatening to be revealed!

Beware of the Takeda proxy

Having escaped from captivity, Aiden (Barry Sloane) takes advantage of Emily’s moment of weakness following Amanda’s hospitalization. He wakes up with Emily – but seeing as how they both had their clothes on, we can assume no hanky-panky took place. He tells her he’s here to help her avenge her father’s death but she knows better than to trust him. And now he seems to be making friends with Daniel, trying to buy his way into a seat at the Grayson board by pointing out the truth about David’s investment in Nolcorp nearly twenty years ago.

Beware the true crime writer

He once lied about David Clarke’s story, but Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) is finding the mystery revolving around the Graysons even more interesting and exciting now than ever before. In a town where “being dead is de rigeur”, Mason happily returns to the Hamptons to find out what prompted Victoria to suddenly publicly acknowledge her affair with David Clarke and welcome his daughter into her family. The story suddenly got more interesting when he finds Kara is not only very much alive, but in the hospital room visiting Amanda. But then he realizes Amanda is actually Fauxmanda – the real Amanda should have scars from a house fire she was in when she was in foster care after David’s incarceration (a fire that, if you recall, young Amanda started), and Fauxmanda has skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And clever Mason won’t take plastic surgery for an answer. Worse still, Mason seems to have evidence that Amanda is not who she claims she is!

Beware the marriage of convenience

After Victoria’s miraculous resurrection from the dead, Conrad announced to the world that he and Victoria would remarry. Believing that Kara is the source of David’s incriminating prison journals resurfacing after all these years, Victoria and Conrad realize they have no-one else they can trust but each other. And so Conrad proposes to Victoria again on bended knee – so that they may never be able to testify against each other should the truth come out about all their crimes.

Emily’s moments of weakness

Her trainer had warned her against feeling compassion – it is her weakness and something which her enemies will exploit. All these years of plotting revenge and suddenly finding out that so much of what she believed turned out to be lies are taking a toll on Emily. When she finally comes face to face with her own mother, there were moments of panic, hope, sadness and disappointment in her face: what if Kara recognizes her and realizes that the woman lying in the hospital bed was not her daughter? And all at once, there was hope that perhaps she would recognize her own daughter.

Later on, when Kara tells Amanda that she is sorry for everything that happened in the past and that she is proud of the woman she has become, Emily can only stand by and eavesdrop the conversation that she should have been having with her mother instead of Amanda. In a compassionate moment, Emily even admits to lying to Amanda about falsifying her baby’s DNA test results and that Jack is, indeed, the baby’s father.

Is having too much compassion threatening to derail Emily’s path for revenge? Can Nolan trust Padma? What is in that file that Mason dropped on the porch swing for Amanda?

And one more question: how cute was Josh Bowman when he said “I need to go to the loo” in his natural British accent?

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Written by Valerie Leung. Read her blog LibragirlRules.com and follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic to share your Revenge theories!