An emergency beacon in a silk wedding garter. That’s why we watch Revenge. Because it gives us stuff like that.

emily thorne wedding

A wedding day to remember. Photo: ABC

Revenge “Exodus” Recap ( Mid-Season Finale 2013 until Winter 2014, Revenge Season 3, Episode 10

Revenge reminds us in the opening all about how David Clarke was innocent and Emily is after Revenge (duh.) Then, while early on in the episode we see our main “heroes” explaining how the plan will go down, thusly ensuring that it won’t be what we get by the end of the episode.

Conrad Grayson and Lydia

He’s discovered a secret journal with ninth grade girly-style printing, listing names. Is Lydia trying to “frame” him again? She was, but now she’s not. It’s not complicated! Lydia wears a silky robe, reminding us that she’s “the sexy one” on the show. Dare we say, “slutty”? But, with the leverage of a picture, she gets her beach house back. That’s a win for her.

I can’t remember, did they ever kill off her husband or is he still floating around somewhere all bitter and rich and waiting to be a future plot point?

This crazy pair decide to make a go of it, because, well, why not.

Nolan Ross

“Go to the wedding with her…spend the afterparty with me.”

I was too distracted by his (Gabriel Mann, shout-out)good hair and orange sweater to notice how sexy he was being with Patrick. Rewind. Okay.

“Only YOU could make vengeance so beautiful.” – Nolan Ross | “Let’s do it.” – Emily Thorne

He steals Emily for a dance. It’s more romantic and meaningful than the one that Emily and Daniel share first. Ha. I secretly ship Emily and Nolan. Anyone else? He loves her. But she doesn’t even give herself time to realize that he’s her best friend! Grr.

“So, I guess this is it. …Long live David Clarke.” – Nolan Ross

Then he kissed her cheek. Damn. A good moment.

Emily Thorne

“Let’s take down the Grayson’s once and for all.” – Emily Thorne Quotes

At one point, she wears an all white, sleeveless blouse with a wide black stripe down the center I imagine this is symbolic of her secret dark, evil heart.

“We share a bond that is unbreakable. Until death parts us.” – Emily Thorne

Jack Porter

“You’ve taken everything from me!” – Nick Porter Quotes

He and Emily share a moment that genuinely ALMOST makes me feel true emotions for this show. Then they bring up Amanda Clarke, and he gets all pissy and hurt and makes wincey eyes.

Sarah Munello

She’s wandering around, being witty and sweet with very white teeth and “love me” eyes. And then, we learn that she’s tried to kill herself. But, please note, did not actually commit suicide. She’s still alive.

Victoria Grayson

“When Conrad reaches out, beware what’s in his hand.”- Victoria

She’s reunited with her first son, on her balcony, in a black lace negligee with far too many sheer panels to have been deemed right for a mother/daughter reunion. (Thus, I suspect gross incest undertones are being subliminally sent to us!) She still doesn’t want to attend Daniel’s wedding, though. A little blackmail greases the wheel, and she’s then on board.

“If anything happens to Patrick…they will be wiping what’s left of you up with a sponge.” – Victoria

Everyone loves Madeleine Stowe, so I want to tread lightly as I say that her acting as Victoria is so over-the-top soap opera-y these days that it makes me giggle. …was that light enough?

For the wedding, Victoria’s hair, earrings, and dress was pretty great.

“And they say no one ever thinks about the Mother of the groom.”

A picture showing Emily blah blah blah – you know this storyline. But after Daniel has already married Emily, it hardly seems to matter as much as it once did.

Charlotte Grayson

“I’m sure it’ll be a little girl. Just think, she and Carl will grow up together…play on the beach. I’m sure they’ll be best friends.” – Charlotte Grayson Quotes

That was one damn sexy black dress to wear to someone’s wedding. And that was one damn annoying pronunciation of say “aunt.”

“I love you too, my almost sister.” – Charotte Grayson

Aidan Mathis

He’s so relevant that I truthfully always forget his name.

Daniel Grayson

He’s a mess. A joke. And annoying. A shell of a character. He willingly lives such a lie that it makes me sick.

I think he fell in love with the unborn baby enough to still want to marry Emily.

“I heard everything.” – Daniel Grayson

Apparently all he can do is hear things.

So, with booze, brief and betrayal, he decides to shoot his new bride. And he doesn’t even try to save her when she falls into the ocean with the bullet wounds. Nice. He’s pretty good at nearly killing people then fleeing crime scenes, huh? Kind of a scoundrel. Kind of a …real GRAYSON.


He’s ..kind of perfect. And sweet. Even though he killed Friar Paul. Somehow, he’s STILL the sweetest person on the show.

“I fight for the people that I love, too. That’s why you’re here right now.” – Nolan to Patrick

REACT: What was the biggest bombshell of the night for you? Isn’t an empty, bloody, wedding dress a great moment? Do you think Emily really has amnesia? Give us Revenge spoilers, stat!