After a phenomenal return to the ABC primetime schedule with new episodes, Revenge has whet our whistles for plenty of more juicy episodes of lying, deceit, and the whale cam.

Tyler Isn’t Here Anymore. Well, that Ashton Holmes sure can act! Tyler’s entire unraveling seemed very real, and was played with true believability. The backstory for this character was a lot to swallow in under an hour, but he helped sell it. Will Holmes return to Revenge? Only time can tell. But if history is any indication, (like with Amber Valletta and Lydia) then Holmes will get to come back at least once – maybe to make some amends. That’s what his cover story would be, anyway!

Emily and Nolan – BFF Again. Emily (Emily VanCamp) really did show some emotion in this episode, including letting Nolan (Gabriel Mann) feel appreciated. She managed to apologize and let him know he’s part of her “in” crowd (and a true friend.) Now, she also almost got him killed (if he’d bled out) so he still needs to watch out. Emily is dangerous to be friends with, and that’s just a fact.

Mother May I? There were some terrific moments between Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily in this episode. Their relationship is built on what they don’t say. Victoria stole Emily’s idea for a homemade gift, and Emily let her know she wasn’t thrilled about that.

Ashley Sulks. Ash (Ashley Madkwe) isn’t feeling too friendly around Emily these days. She feels like she’s just a hired hand, and she’s tired of it. We suspect she’s going to be creating some waves fairly soon. For now, her side braid and yellow top was really very lovely!

Review Questions

  1. Is Emily really in love with Daniel, now?
  2. Do you think Daniel will really be shot and die in the Revenge season 1 finale?
  3. What is the fake Amanda Clarke going to do next?
  4. Will Lydia be back?
  5. What is Emily’s plan for Victoria’s lawyer?