A recap of Revenge season 2 episode 3 – “Confidence” below!

emily thorne

In race between danger and indecision… listen, this quote went by too fast, okay?

What is this, Revenge bootcamp? Who would ever think Emily ever had too much compassion?

This is totally Emily’s new love interest. That guy. With the handsome face. Handsome face guy, as I like to call him. Or Barry Sloane. Or Aidan Matthis.

“You’re going public?” – Victoria
“She’s going nuclear.” – Conrad

emily thornes house

“Won’t ask, won’t tell, will fix. At least, will try.” – Nolan, with the best attitude ever. We all need our own personal Nolan Ross’.

Emily helped you out, Victoria…so naturally you want to shove it all in her face. Great plan. And security, really? In case she tries to steal some of the silverware on her way out?

Nolan isn’t sure if Emily is a friend, or what. “This is my… my Emily.” His secret lover! Well, he wishes. And I wish.

I love that Charlotte wants to volunteer with animals! That’s the best kind of volunteering. Period.

emily thorne

Jack not letting Amanda accept money from Charlotte is so pig-headed.

I adore Dilshad Vadsaria and Gabriel Mann… them sharing the screen together is amazing. Padma/Nolan! Palan? Noma? I’m on their team.

His name was Gordon Murphy, huh? I prefer “white haired man” to tell the truth.

Daniel is so gullible. Get. Smarter.

It’s hard to know which Grayson to hate more, sometimes. Charlotte is the only one I can usually not loathe. There was a time when I thought Conrad and Daniel might be more or less innocent… but that time is far gone.

“The only way to beat your Mother is to play her game more than she does.” – Emily Thorne Quotes

Well, I guess it’s fair game to admit that Charlotte is David Clarke’s daughter since Charlotte did already threaten to out that. But it seems, still, cruel. Charlotte was not warned about this.

Daniel’s weakness is that he always does what he thinks he should. That’s why he’s loyal. He doesn’t think for himself.

Upcoming wedding, huh?

Well, it’s  not about to be Emily Thorne who’s invited… it’s Amanda Clarke! Jack is not happy. Jack is so rarely, ever, happy, though. I dare say Emily is a bit jealous.

Daniel is taking Emily’s advice, which is the smartest thing he’s done in…ever.

I suppose it makes sense that Emily had a love interest in her past. It’s not like she was celibate. Aiden Matthis is not to be trusted, though. No one on this show is. Except maybe Jack, because he’s like a …puppy.

Emily hearing her Mother’s voice is … intense.

The Revenge Fashion season 2 stand-out’s of this episode…

  • Victoria Grayson’s red dress with rose detail
  • Charlotte Grayson’s red dress
  • Charlotte Grayson’s White and black dress with red belt
  • Amanda’s purple maternity dress (just because it was so awful)
  • Ashley’s Green black tank, skirt, ponytail and rhinestone cuff

Photo Credit: ABC via Colleen Hayes

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