What happens when the truth comes out? If you’re living in the Hamptons with the Graysons, the answer is probably innocent lives are lost. Here’s a recap of what happens when good intentions of a confession go awry.

emily thorne nolan ross white dress revenge season 3 confession

Emily: the new Florence Nightingale
With the Grayson family continuing their internal war with each other, daughter-in-law-to-be, Emily, is making herself into Conrad’s new best friend, bringing him pastries and replacing his Huntington’s meds with pills that are actually making him sicker. But who would ever suspect a girl with baked goods could be so evil?

Not only is Emily making herself indispensable as a bearer of comfort food, she is also having some deep and meaningful discussions with Conrad, slowly convincing him that he should be spending his last months – correction, hopefully years – making up for past sins and ridding himself of whatever guilt he is carrying that is giving him nightmares.

Victoria gets hooked
Aiden continues to hand over to Victoria evidence that Emily was responsible for stealing the Grayson fortune. He has found an account in the Caymans that had a withdrawal for the same amount on the same date as the settlement for Nolan’s house, which is in Emily’s name.

Although Victoria is naturally suspicious of everyone (she really doesn’t have much choice when she has made an enemy of just about every person she has ever met) but Aiden manages to convince her that his broken heart is his pure motivation. As it turns out, Victoria should have trusted her instincts more because Aiden truly is still revenging with Emily, although any hopes of an Aiden/Emily reunion seem to be out of the question, at least for now.

Nolan back on the cover
It has been a long time since Nolan was the wunderkind of the tech world, being on the cover of every business magazine. The last time he was on any front page was probably when he was arrested for the bombing of Grayson Global – a fact which he is not entirely ashamed of as he walks around in a t-shirt with his mug shot on his chest. This makes him more attractive to Margaux, keen to make the Nolan Ross frame-up the first cover story of her new magazine. However, Daniel fights hard on the story, trying to keep a tight lid on the Pandora’s Box in case she uncovers the whole truth about The Initiative along the way.

Fr Paul returns
After Emily’s take-down sent Fr Paul into exile in a monastery in Maine, the priest has been praying a lot for an understanding of why he has been framed. He gets an unexpected visitor in the confessional from Emily, who admits to being responsible for his exile. She tells him Amanda Clarke was her friend and she wants him to help her get Conrad to confess to framing David Clarke. And so Paul returns to the Grayson Manor, just as Emily Nightingale is talking religion and repentance with Conrad. “Divine intervention, perhaps?”

NolPat coming up?
Last week I dared suggest that I can’t wait for Nolan to meet Victoria’s beloved son, the very hunky Patrick, and for them to get together for a good time (and to make Victoria’s blood boil so much she could self-combust). So imagine my excitement when Nolan, in the coolest pool-side outfit ever (white pinstripe vest with matching shorts and a trilby), meets this beautiful stranger sunbathing at the beach club, who happens to be talking to him only to complain about his incessant talking on his cellphone trying to organize a party. Nolan is immediately smitten (who could blame him?) and invites the stranger to his party before realizing he is Victoria’s son. I can’t wait to see where this relationship will lead (hopefully more topless sunbathing, nudge nudge wink wink).

A Hamptons party is never dull or boring
Nolan’s “small” party of only a hundred of New York’s finest is a housewarming that most of us would never ever come near experiencing. He wanted an enclosed beach area so he could bring in dolphins so that his guests could swim with the dolphins. And he de-chlorinated his pool so that he could have some swans – unfortunately he had to settle with a couple of floaties instead. Forgot to bring your swimsuit? No worries – there are racks of them to choose from.

The action outside the pool is even more exciting as what’s going on in the water. Aiden surprises everyone by turning up at the party, arm in arm with Victoria. He and Emily exchange words, and then Victoria accuses Emily of buying Nolan his beach house with stolen money. Emily responds angrily, raising her voice and announcing that everyone knows the Graysons are bankrupt. Oops! The secret is out!

A new romance for Jack?
Poor Jack has been through so much in the last couple of years. He has loved and lost and no immediate family left except for his son, Carl. Since Declan’s death, Jack has been shirking from living his life. But now, with Charlotte moving into the Stowaway, she is trying to change him, starting with introducing him to the beautiful Margaux. She convinces Jack to take her to Nolan’s party as his “plus one” and the two find they enjoy each other’s company more than they expected. I hope Jack will find some happiness soon.

Emily gets some divine intervention of her own
When Fr Paul tells Emily that he is close to getting Conrad to turn himself in, he also explains that he is doing so because he realizes that his own anger at being framed by Emily could only be a small fraction of how much worse it must have been for David Clarke when he was framed. As he speaks, he brings tears to Emily’s eyes, and he urges her to let go of whatever grudge she holds before she loses herself. His final words to her: “Peace be with you” brought tears to my eyes, too.

Confession time
Conrad is finally ready to face the music. He wants to die knowing that he has given peace to his daughter – biologically David Clarke’s daughter – knowing that he has done the right thing to clear David’s name. Victoria is not happy with this, especially since his confession would mean she could end up in prison for her part in the cover-up, and the fact that he had tried to kill her when she wanted to give him up to the SEC.

Fr Paul arrives at the Manor to pick up Conrad to hand himself in to the authorities and they leave together in Conrad’s Ferrari. We should have known nothing good could come of this as Victoria had warned earlier that his doctor had revoked his license because of his poor health. Sure enough, as Emily is heading home from her meeting with Aiden, she comes across the accident – the Testerossa wrapped around a light pole and on fire. A body is lying face-down on the ground, which we find out is Fr Paul. Emily looks around the accident scene and see Conrad approaching her, bloodied and clearly injured, but very much alive.

It’s a terrifying realization for Emily that she has more blood on her hands – another innocent man has died on her path of revenge. How will this affect Conrad? Will he still be a changed man or will the near-death experience expose more conspiracies against him that makes him reassess his decision to come clean?

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Photo: ABC. Written by Valerie Leung. Share your Revenge theories with her on Twitter (@valshopaholic) and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.