A new episode of Revenge airs on ABC tonight, and it’s titled “Commitment.”

Revenge “Commitment” Summary: Daniel plans a romantic proposal that may carry dire, long-term ramifications, and Charlotte is devastated when she’s forced to move back home with her mother. Meanwhile, Jack’s life is put in jeopardy when he’s betrayed by someone he adores, and Nolan forces Emily to think twice about her actions. ABC

Joshua Bowman in Revenge “Commitment”

revenge commitment

A picnic?

revenge commitment

Amanda Clarke visits Queen Victoria

revenge commitment

It appears Daniel has gone all out for his proposal to Emily.

revenge commitment

Emily Vancamp and Joshua Bowman

Emily Thorne in a pretty gold dress.

Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson in her Queen Chair

Appears the proposal goes over well.

Proposal in the rain.

Photos: ABC