Will the real Emily Thorne please stand up? And can she put down her weapon, please?

In “Charade” the Hamptons continued to represent a world where the veil of lies is never fully lifted. And everyone pays the price.

revenge season 1

The end of the episode gave us quite a big shock. I’m very impressed with how the issue of Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne was dealt with. Frank’s murder isn’t something I saw coming, and I was really getting sick of his “I’m the big bad wolf” act. Anything that shocks Emily (Emily Vancamp) is something that is guaranteed to have shock factor for the viewers. Finding out how the bonds were forged between the real Amanda and Emily is going to be fun to explore. I have plenty of questions there, especially about what keeps the real Emily so loyal to Amanda that she’d kill for her?

I’m tired of feeling bad for Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) and I still enjoyed her ten times more as Bambi on Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Tyler is playing her, and she’s got to continuously suck up to Victoria. Talk about painful.

Daniel’s upset at the dinner, when it was revealed that Emily had brought Jack a gift, seemed to be an overreaction. She gives someone a thank-you gift and suddenly it means she’s cheating on him? Get real. You don’t own your girlfriends actions, buddy.

One of my favorite mysteries of this show is why Victoria so openly dislikes her daughter, Charlotte (Christa Allen) so much. She’s always being a little less generous with Charlotte, and during The Times interview she mentioned her son Daniel, before remembering to include Charlotte. Part of me feels like Charlotte must not be Victoria’s biological daughter. Or, maybe she is, but her father is David Clarke? There’s some reason that makes Victoria look at Charlotte with disdain!

Another mystery, brought into the open during this episode, is how exactly the Warden is helping Emily and how she helped her once before. I’m was hoping that Emily planned for Frank to break in and find the files, because otherwise, it doesn’t seem like much was done (security wise) to keep him out. Geez.

Next week: Lydia’s awake!


  • The episode came full circle with the voiceovers at the beginning and the end.
  • I loved that cute montage of Daniel and Emily in the ocean. Emily’s blue bikini and coverup were super pretty.
  • Emily see’s her house is possibly infiltrated but still isn’t scared to enter? Girl’s got balls.
  • How would a girl in juvie keep her black hair dyed so perfectly? Do they let the kids there do that kind of stuff? Emily’s black wig in those flashbacks always seems so fake.
  • Doesn’t the real Emily Thorne look like Aly Michalka?

Are you glad that Lydia has woken up? Do you think Frank is dead or just passed out? Do you think Emily really cares about Daniel at all? And, most importantly, am I being too harsh about this episode of Revenge?