We certainly don’t blame you if you have a hard time keeping track of all the characters on ABC’s Revenge. That’s why contributing writer, Valerie Leung, has put together a comprehensive, very official-looking flowchart of who’s who in this, “crazy, Hamptons beach-side zoo.” Valerie’s also got your back if you need a refresher course, with her Revenge Recaps 1-7 in one tidy, easy to navigate (plus, fun to read)  piece right here on Small Screen Scoop.

revenge characters abc

Click to enlarge this chart of the Revenge Characters on ABC.

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We’ve updated the Revenge ABC Map, check it out below!

Revenge airs Wednesdays on ABC and stars Emily VanCamp.

Chart by Valerie Leung. Read her blog LibraGirl Rules and follow her on twitter to talk about great TV @ValShopaholic