In the midst of “Chaos” there was a fringe character slowly trying to prove herself worthy of our love.  But will she do it before she gets killed off?

margarita levieva

She's got great hair, sure. But she's technically wanted for murder...

Revenge had a lot of action going down in “Chaos” and plenty of that action involved Amanda aka the real Emily Thorne. I like to call her Fauxmanda. She’s played by actress Margarita Levieva, which is still a name I struggle to spell.

Introduced to us with a (well, what kind of sound does a bashed in skull make? … nevermind) gruesome crime and an odd set of reasoning, Fauxmanda has been nothing but trouble for Emily (Emily Vancamp.) Of course, it’s not so easy to say one is good and the other is bad. Because Emily isn’t exactly a heroine. You can root for her (sometimes I do) but she’s ruining a lot of lives and there’s the whole thing about an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind and sometimes dead on a beach… Uh, anyway!

When Fauxmanda opposed Emily’s plans it ruined things. But she also took advantage of Jacks open love for the idea of the girl he loved as a child. And it really burned Emily to see Amanda take that place. (Which is a little greedy, sure.)

In “Chaos” Fauxmanda returned yet again to ruin some plans. Of course, she did that after learning the truth of how Emily had been lying to her for years. And Fauxmanda had really trusted and loved her. But after getting shot by Tyler (a reveal that didn’t come until later*) she changes her mind and decides to try and stop Tyler from killing Emily.

Not a happy clambake for anyone. Parties in the Hamptons are never easy. But they do serve good booze.

We don’t yet know if she played any part in helping Daniel not get shot, but we do know that she ran away and got into a car of someone who is Emily’s associate. (I wouldn’t say friend, because he seemed angry at her.)

* I think she could die. But we’ll see it on camera. So we’ll have her in at least one more episode for sure. Most likely she won’t die, and that way she can return in another season to stir up trouble.

The BIG Question: Was seeing Amanda run to the beach to try and save Emily make her likeable enough that you hope she doesn’t die or go away? Can you forgive her? Should Emily ever forgive her? Or should Emily apologize to Amanda?

To help you out, I’ve created a poll that will get you thinking.