The highlights of the Revenge episode “Absolution.” It was hard to narrow it down to just ten, but I did it!

It's Homeland Security, bitches!

Emily tricked Nolan into having him reveal the location of that final journal.
And then she practically choked him up against the wall, don’t forget how strong she is!

It was a small moment, but in the beginning of the episode Nolan said he was going to be gone for work for a while and he forced a hug onto Jack.
Nolan is so desperate for friends, and he loves Jack so much. It’s adorable. That moment melted my heart.

Emily donned two disguises this episode, and both were awesome.
Her nurse-lady hair was very appropriate, though her Homeland Security outfit was a little bit blah. (Which is also, probably, totally appropriate.)

I loved that we saw a young Nolan Ross in a picture before we saw him in his Aunt Carole’s house.
And Nolan’s reasoning for not telling Emily about this? Another heart-melter moment.

There was a moment of supreme tension where we saw Victoria standing over Conrad and she watched him get the call.
The call was meant to destroy him, but it might not. Dammit.

When Daniel shut the office doors, Conrad revealed every dirty family secret.
I was not prepared for that – that was intense. But I also think that Daniel was in the best head-space to be willing to bend the rules and accept those ugly truths.

Daniel’s interview was another great moment.
It was especially important becuase it re-drew the lines in the sand, showing that Daniel was aligned with his Dad. (Surprise!)

Nolan paying for Declan’s tuition was pretty damn sweet of him.
We should all be so lucky to deserve a Nolan in our lives.

Finally…we have to mention how sweet it was for Victoria to take Charlotte to her father’s grave.
The episode started and (basically) ended in the same place. It’s poetic.

Bonus: The snow trickling down outside of the windows. It was gorgeous! Snow never looks that pretty in real life. Or maybe I just don’t have enough windows?

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