#OccupyDaniel proved that he is a Grayson through and through on Revenge “Absolution.”

Christmas is fast approaching in the Hamptons and the snow is falling. Emily (Emily VanCamp) visits her father’s grave and places a single red rose on it. “Absolution is a mercy that the people who killed him will never know.”

Now that Emily knows her father’s stabbing in prison was no “ordinary” knife-fight-gone-bad, she tells Nolan (Gabriel Mann) she is going to find out who amongst David’s (James Tupper) inmates have associations with Conrad Grayson, who she is convinced paid someone off to kill her father.

Meanwhile, with all that has gone on with Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) trial and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) being exposed in court as a pill-popper, Emily has taken a note of concern for her half-sister. She pays Charlotte a visit and finds her going through a pile of old news clippings about David’s trial. Amongst the papers, Emily sees a photo of her father in prison, taken on the day he died. Charlotte tells her she found the photo in her mother, Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe), jewelry box. In the photo, Emily notes that David is writing in a journal – one that she believes Nolan has kept hidden from her.

Emily has always been suspicious of Nolan’s motives and despite everything he has done to help her on her “Revengenda”, never fully trusts him. She calls him to ask him about the missing journal, which he denies he has, even as he goes to open the safe hidden behind the wall to retrieve it. Lo-and-behold, Nolan really needs to upgrade the security at his house because Emily is standing right there in the same room as him and angrily pushes him against the wall. Nolan defends himself saying he was simply honoring David’s wishes. He tells her in the last few months of David’s life he was paranoid and terrified and he didn’t want her to remember her father that way.

As Emily reads this new-found diary, her father writes of his belief that the entire system is rigged against him from the moment of his arrest and that there are people plotting against him. His last words in his journal are that “CM will come tomorrow with proof.” But who is this mysterious “CM”? It is quite evident that Nolan has an answer to this as he knows what is in the journal. He tells Jack (Nick Wechsler) that he is going away for a few days to take care of business.

Jack, in the meantime, is still uncomfortable with the fact that his bloody hoodie found its way in the back seat of Lee Moran. He visits Emily and tells her that it is oddly convenient that the hoodie is found in Moran’s possession and then he kills himself. He warns Emily that she should be careful what she is marrying into. But before he gets to say any more, she gets a phone call from Daniel with the good news that the judge has dismissed all charges against him following Moran’s suicide note.

Victoria, still bitter over the way Conrad (Henry Czerny) ran her new/old lover Dominick Wright (James Purefoy) out of town so suddenly, is bent on her own form of revenge. She arranges a meeting with SEC investigator, Agent McGowen (Michael Reilly Burke), and asks for immunity for all the dirt she is going to hand over on Conrad’s involvement in domestic terrorism. This takes McGowen by surprise as he was only expecting her to flip on Conrad for his corporate malfeasance.

With Daniel’s charges now dismissed, Emily goes to Rikers to pick him up. Outside the prison, they are met with protestors staging an #OccupyDaniel protest. They believe the Graysons framed Moran and vandalized Emily’s car, painting a big red “MURDER” on her windscreen. When they finally arrive back at Grayson Manor, Daniel is greeted by Conrad, Ashley (Ashley Medekwe) and Victoria. Surprisingly, no big fanfare or party awaits.

With Daniel’s trial now over, Ashley’s sudden turn as Grayson Family Spokesperson has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean her career in the media is over. She tells Victoria that she has been offered a job in Media Relations by Mr Brooks (Courtney B. Vance), Daniel’s defense attorney, and is resigning from her job with the Graysons. Victoria asks that she still remain as their media liaison for any interviews that Daniel is planning to do, to which she agrees.

Emily does a search on the Grayson Global corporate employee directory and finds a woman by the name of Carole Miller (Tess Harper). Further internet searching reveals this Carole Miller died in April, 2002. Thankfully we do not have to wait long to find out who Miller is. A little more digging and a break-in into the hospital archives in New York and Emily finds out that Carole Miller is alive and well and living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the name of Carole Thomas.

When Emily takes a drive out to Lancaster to find Carole, she impersonates a Homeland Security agent wanting to talk about Conrad Grayson. Carole lets her in but is quick to bring out her shotgun once Emily’s questions turn to David Clarke, wanting to know who this impersonator is. And wouldn’t you know it, Nolan has also taken a little trip to Lancaster and saves Emily from a shot to the head when he comes down the stairs and tells “Aunt Carole” not to shoot! Whoa!

Turns out that after Nolan dropped out of MIT, his father kicked him out and Aunt Carole took him in. She introduced Nolan to David and the two formed a bond while David was in prison. It was Nolan who convinced Carole to investigate any connections between Conrad and the terrorists responsible for the plane bombing for which David was convicted. Unfortunately, before she had the chance to take the evidence to David, he was killed and she only managed to escape thanks to Nolan’s warning. He helped fake her death to protect her.

But there was more! Carole tells Emily that there was a White-Haired Man (James Morrison) who visited Conrad many times in his office, the last time being the morning David died, but she does not know his name. Carole tells her that even Conrad appeared to be scared of this man. But thanks to the photo that Charlotte found, the White-Haired Man can also be spotted inside the prison at the same time as David was killed!

While Emily is uncovering so many more secrets and putting together more pieces of the puzzle surrounding her father’s murder, Jack is still obsessed with finding the truth himself about who killed Tyler and how his bloody hoodie got into Moran’s car. Not content with warning Emily about the Graysons, he goes to see Daniel and confesses that he was the one who dragged Tyler’s body from the beach and that the hoodie belonged to him. He also hands back Daniel’s cell phone which he had taken from Tyler’s pocket when it started ringing after he was killed.

Even with Daniel’s trial over, Charlotte’s pill addiction is not. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Adam, is still supplying her with prescription pills. Declan (Connor Paolo) is still concerned with her well-being, despite being warned by Jack to stay away from the Graysons, and does the right thing by reporting her to the headmaster, who proceeds to search her locker and suspends her from school after finding the pills. Charlotte is not impressed and tells Declan that she is going to tell her father to stop paying his tuition.

Emily returns from Lancaster to find Daniel waiting for her in her house. He is surprised Emily is still willing to marry him despite all that has gone on. He starts questioning why a career criminal like Moran would confess to Tyler’s murder and then hang himself. He starts to wonder if those #OccupyDaniel protestors are right, that he is a Grayson who got away with murder.

Daniel goes back to Grayson Manor to pick up his things and sees Conrad in despair, sitting in the den. Daniel tells his father he is sick of him and Victoria playing him against each other. Conrad decides to tell him the truth – the whole truth, starting with who arranged for his beating in prison so that he could be released from Rikers and under house arrest instead. Then he proceeds to tell Daniel the truth about David Clarke, but not before he made him promise that he will rebuild the Grayson empire and look after Charlotte. Of course, Emily is listening to this entire conversation from the bug she had planted in the Grayson house.

The next day, Daniel is preparing for his TV interview. Emily tells him he can be his own man and not follow in his parents’ footsteps. He replies “What if the man I am is no better than my DNA?” Needless to say, Victoria takes offense at what Emily is doing to her son. Daniel questions his mother about the beating he got in prison. During the interview, Daniel says Tyler threatened his family and that they struggled for the gun but he was knocked out by the man who finished Tyler off so he doesn’t know what happened after that. And through the entire interview, Daniel, now knowing the truth about his family’s involvement in corruption and fraud, decides to defend his father’s name and says the SEC is investigating a baseless case. He throws himself in the ring as his father’s business partner at Grayson Global. For once, both Emily and Victoria appear disappointed by what Daniel has just said.

With the last media interview she manages, Ashley leaves Victoria’s employ. Unfortunately for her, Victoria has had a few words to Mr Brooks about Ashley being responsible for leaking Daniel’s arrest photos to the press. Brooks tells her he is rescinding the job offer. But don’t despair. Conrad is quick to offer Ashley her very own brand new Lexus to park in her very own parking space at Grayson Global. He does give one proviso – once she accepts the offer, their lives will be intertwined, but ambition takes over her senses and she gratefully accepts.

True to her word, Charlotte has told Conrad to stop paying Declan’s tuition at their prep school, but thankfully, the Porters know more than one billionaire in the Hamptons and Nolan wastes no time in pulling out his own checkbook to pay for his education.

With Daniel pulling further away from Victoria, she tries a last-ditch attempt to pull her daughter out of her drug addiction. She takes Charlotte to her biological father’s grave site, telling her that he was a good man and that she loves her all the more because of who her father was. When they get to the grave, they spot the red rose that Emily had left a few days earlier, not knowing who had been there.

Disappointed by Daniel’s support of his father but more determined than ever, Emily goes to the Stowaway (where else) and finds Nolan at the bar. She tells him she plans to go through with her plans to marry Daniel and continue to find the man who killed her father, and that when she does, he will kill him.

So, is Emily capable of killing someone? How will her relationship with Daniel change now that she knows that he is willingly hiding the truth and protecting his father? Has Emily forgiven Nolan for hiding that last journal from her, even though she says she understands his reasons for doing so? Will Jack keep digging into who broke into his house and stole the bloody hoodie that was planted in Moran’s car or will he finally let go of it? Will we see Amanda again? And most importantly, what do you think of Nolan’s Christmas sweaters?

Written by Valerie Leung, @ValShopaholic on Twitter