Read this Revenge (ABC) Review as soon as you’ve gotten the bad memories of Jack’s formerly long hair out of your head.

Badass Amanda Clarke kicking the crap out of a guy with a toilet seat was pretty awesome.
Not that I encourage violence, but it was nice to be reminded what a tough, down-n-dirty gal that “Emily Thorne” is.

The music really helped make the flashback episode work.
From 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” to “The Authority Song” by Jimmy Eat World – there were some old favorites hitting our ears. (And I’m such a sucker for anyone who uses Pete Yorn music, it’s ridiculous.)

Lydia Davis appeared to be Victoria’s Super BFF (they were always linking arms!), but betrayed her without a the bat of an eyelash. Damn, woman!
The dynamic between those opposing sides makes Lydia a much more interesting, twisted character. Bring her back!

Frank had Roger killed on the suspicion that he’d sent a threatening note.
A mere suspicion (which was wrong!) and a man was mercilessly murdered. That’s cold.

Photo: ABC