Just like Renee, this hometown date was pretty sane, normal, and boring.

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Renee Oteri and Juan Pablo

Renee says she misses her son she wants to eat them. And then she says she can’t wait for Juan Pablo to see that. We KNOW she means for Juan Pablo to meet and see Ben. But it sounded SUPER weird.

We see the reunion for Ben and Renee, which is kind of sad because she had to wait – even while in Sarasota – to see him.

Renee hasn’t gotten to see her son in two months. Did they get to SKYPE? How sad.

Anyway, they watch a Little League game of Ben’s…and Juan Pablo has never even been to one. I THOUGHT HE WORKED FOR BASEBALL.

Something that’s worrisome is that Juan Pablo talks about how he can’t wait to be a Dad…what if he picks Renee – not out of love – but because he wants what he THINKS he should have…the smart choice and a son that’s already ready to be parented. (I think it would be cheating Renee out of a much greater love.)

During this segment, it’s so boring that they put in a super cheesy TV spot for the new Aaron Paul movie “Need for Speed.”

Renee says her parents are so smart about her relationships that she hopes they don’t see any red flags, or she might have to take a step back.

Interestingly, we didn’t see Renee struggle over letting Ben meet Juan Pablo or not. (Doesn’t mean she didn’t.)

“I want you to be IN love. You know, cause we can love our pets. But you need to be in love with the man that you want to be with.” – Renee’s Mom

Renee’s Dad is supposedly a tough sell, but he’s so on board. He even has tears in his eyes becuase he says he can tell she’s in love and he can see the glow. Which parents is right, who knows. (I’d say her Mom.)

“My heart’s on the line at this point. I don’t want to feel heartbreak.” – Renee Oteri

At the rose ceremony, she did not receive a rose. It was devastating for her, but she took it with such grace. She was actually consoling HIM! And in the end, she told him how he was Aladdin…

“You’re kind of opening my eyes up to a whole new…a whole new world.” – Renee Oteri

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