Forget about the ANTM All Stars for a second.  Go back to when the show was new and shiny. Cycle 2 of America’s Next Top Model gave us the beautiful Yoanna House as the winner. But that cycle gave us more than just a “Top Model” it also gave us Tyra Banks and her music video for “Shake Ya Body.” The title is ironic, see, because it makes me want to plug up my ears. If you don’t recall this video or cycle, it’s probably because you’re younger than me… So, respect your elders and let me tell you a little bit of history!

I remember this cycle pretty well, and several of the girls in it. There was Asian April Wilkner, Cheating Shandi Sullivan, and “let me remind you that I have an autoimmune disease!” Mercedes Scelba-Shorte. This cycle also stand outs for the photoshoot idea where each finalist had to pose nude with another female finalist. And not just pose near her (see above.)  Another gem of cycle 2 was having the girls help Tyra shoot her music video.

The week that Tyra had the girls work on her music video, she got all emotional. The actual video is edited poorly, and the single was a failure (I’m quoting Wiki.)

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I was reminded of this awful video when Tyra Banks decided to make an evil more awful video this week on ANTM All-Stars. It’s a “motion editorial” for her book, Modelland. And it may be a best seller, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth reading. I encourage your curiosity, and suggest that you read this Modelland review by Erin at Forever Young Adult. She will give you the truth about this book.

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